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Jan 6 2017, 07:37 AM
So, yeah. The board is pretty dead at the moment, but myself and a few other members on here are looking to get things going here, so if you've happened to stumble upon this place by accident or are an old resident and are just checking up on the place, feel free to make a character, post, or even join us in the Discord chat. The Requiem is quite dead yet!


Aug 17 2016, 09:58 PM

Personal Information

Name: Setsuko Hoshino-Ashford

Alias/Nickname: Setsuko Hoshino (Birth Name)
The Devil of Ashford

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Nationality: Japanese

Family: Hanako Hoshino (Mother) - Deceased
Setsuna Hoshino (Father) - Deceased
Milly Ashford (Adoptive Mother)

Occupation: Ashford Academy Student Council President


Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Personality: It says a lot about an individual when the best (and most common) description one can come up with when describing them is 'a raging typhoon.' That's Setsuko in a nutshell. She is forceful almost tot a fault, as stubborn as an ox, and doesn’t understand the meaning of the world ‘no.’ While these traits make her terrifying in the eyes of Ashford’s student body and facuilty, they also make her an effective Student Council President. Though she appears rough and unsociable on the outside, she deeply cares for her student body and the affairs of her school and is willing to above and beyond for them. Despite her iron-like personality, she has the same quirks as her adoptive mother when it comes to planning events for the school, such as the Crossdresser’s Ball, Cupid Day, and the school’s annual festival.

History: 'The Devil of Ashford' as they call her nowadays wasn't always patrolling the halls of Ashford Academy with authority.

She was born the daughter of two influencial Japanese officials in the UFN, ones that also happened to be close, personal friends of the Ashford family. It was due to their efforts in fact that the Ashford reclaimed their high standing in society which was stripped away from them after Marianne vi Britannia’s death.

Tragedy struck when BRL sympathizer assassinated Setsuko’s parents. Shockwaves were sent through the UFN, but more importantly, Setsuko found herself orphaned. Other than her parents, she had no living relatives. Her mother and father had many powerful allies, yet none of them were willing to take care of a helpless little girl. None of them except one. Being a successful TV personality for many years before retiring to take the reigns as Headmistress of Ashford Academy, Milly Asford chose to replay the debt Setsuko’s parents did her family by adopting the girl. She did so with glee considering she hadn’t settled down and started her own family.

Setsuko was raised in the ways of the Ashford family. There were some that frowned on her not only being of non-Ashford blood, but Japanese. Milly ignored this.

Thus, the legend of the Devil of Ashford Academy began...

Skills: -Effective (if not forceful) leader.
-Clear speaking voice (good at yelling).
-Good at tea cermonies.
-Filthy, stinkin' rich thanks to her mother (not really a skill).

Geass: N/A

Military Background

Affiliation: N/A

Title: N/A

Knightmare Frame: N/A

Out of Character

Out of Character Account: DiamondDust
Jun 13 2016, 12:19 AM
The New European Union never saw it coming.

The citizens of Paris were enjoying what seemed to be another tranquil afternoon before it all occurred. The skies were clear, birds were chirping harmoniously, and most didn't have a care in the world. Unlike the rest of the world, those in Paris and the rest of the New European Union were able to enjoy a continent free from war and pointless squabbles. Many refugees from Britannia and Japan had fled to the N.E.U. because of this, desiring a safe haven to raise their families. Paris was the epicenter of this. It's beauty was unrivaled by any metropolis in the world and a melting pot of various cultures and knowledge. Living there was almost like existing in a dream. Ignorance was bliss, and Paris was an escape from the ongoing war between the Black Knights and the Britannian Restoration League. There, anyone could be safe.

That perception was shattered in a nanosecond. Those dwelling in the city stopped what they were doing at hearing what sounded like a swarm of a thousand angry locust approaching. Then, the ground itself began to quake with an unbridled fury. People immediately panicked and searched for both cover and answers. Was it an earthquake? Some kind of storm? They realized what was truly happening in due time. Clouds darkened the city until it resembled nightfall. Clouds? No, the horrified citizens of the City of Lights soon discovered the objects racing across the skies above were actually Knightmare Frames. Before anyone could question why they were there and who they belonged to, the machines proceeded to rain destruction. Their targets were indiscriminate; both humans and building were reduced to ash. Soon enough, the entire city of Paris was burning bright enough to be confused for some worldly star.

The cries of terror and strewn bodies across Paris did little to stop the Britannian Restoration League's attack. No matter how many perished, they still had a mission to complete. Most were keen on accomplishing it before either the New European Union's military, the Black Knights, or the Britannian Military reared their ugly heads. Fortunately, they had the element of surprise on their side; even if their enemies realized what was going on, it would take them some time to arrive to Paris and counterattack. Speed was of the essence.

Their target was what Sin, their leader, described as an 'Immortal Witch.' Most had difficulty believing the woman known as C.C. was actually undying, yet either Sin was telling the truth, or he had supreme faith she would somehow survive Paris being reduced to ash. Whatever the case, they would smoke her out no matter how much ammunition they had to expend. Things were going to get a lot more bloody before they got better. Of course, if C.C. just showed her face, they could put an end to the slaughter.

Within due time, the N.E.U.'s fighting force arrived on the scene. Their Knightmare Frame technology, vastly inferior to their contemporaries, immediately showed. BRL forces had little trouble smashing their way through Paris' defenses. Their search for C.C. continued.
Jun 5 2016, 08:48 AM
Jun 1 2016, 12:31 PM
Attention Requiem of Geass members! We will be having our first event, Operation Spitfire! I will begin the event once I have deemed we have enough sign ups, so until then, this is the low down.


The Britannian Restoration League's Shikine Island base buzzed with activity today. No one could eat. No one could sleep. Indeed, the tension in the air was high. All of this stemmed from Sin, leader of the BRL, suddenly announcing to his loyal soldiers that he had something huge in store and that they were going to be gathered later in the day. Although no one but him knew what he was going to say, everyone got the hunch it was going to be something big. All morning, it was the only thing anyone could talk about.

As soon as they were finally summoned, the majority of soldiers on base hurried into the meeting room. Most found it cramped since there were thousands present, yet the space had only been designed for about half their numbers. Though there were some complaints, most didn't mind. They were far too focused on awaiting their leader. Before they arrived, they were told to be ready for combat, so most were dressed as such and already had their Knightmare Frames ready for takeoff. It felt like an eternity since any of them saw live combat, but they were prepared for anything Sin was ready to throw their way.

In due time, Sin walked on stage, causing the loud chattering to cease at once. All eyes glued themselves to the skinny man, who in turn cast his cold eyes upon his men. For a few moments, he didn't say a word, leaving some puzzled, others more nervous. Then, Sin opened his mouth.

"Greetings, brave men and women of the Britannian Restoration League. I can tell that most of you are quite anxious to learn why I've called you here so suddenly, so I will cut to the chase straightaway. Thanks to some intelligence I've received by some very hard working spies, I have learned the location of a woman by the name of C.C. If that information is correct, she is presently hiding out in the New European Union. To be specific, she is in the capital of Paris."

C.C.? Paris? Everyone began looking around at one another and muttering in confusion. This wasn't exactly what most thought Sin would had in store. Sensing he was losing control of the situation, Sin quietly raised his hand. This had a strange, quieting effect on the crowd, who were admittedly curious to see where this whole story was heading.

"Rest your fears, brethren. The reason I'm bringing this up is because C.C. is an incredibly vital asset to our cause. It is not common knowledge, but during the Black Rebellion, this same woman assisted the Black Knights in their endeavors. Those that did know of her existence believe her to have been nothing more than Zero's mistress, but I can assure you all she was far more than that. You could consider her the main source of that detested man's power. It is safe to say that things might have turned out differently for you lot and your families had C.C. not interfered with Britannia's affairs."

The mumbling in the room started up again, and this time, it was filled with anger. If what Sin was saying was true, this C.C. was a detestable person.

"Calm yourselves, brethren. While it is true C.C.'s actions were...lamentable, I desire you all to realize how influential she can be. Although I will not go into detail, she has...how you say...rather unique abilities, ones the Britannian Restoration League can use to its advantage. Of course, the Black Knights and the Britannian military are currently attempting to track her down for that very same reason. Let me make myself perfectly clear: we cannot allow our enemies to obtain C.C. If they do, that is the end. They've won. We must find her and bring her back here no matter the cost. Therefore, we will be commencing Operation Spitfire starting at once. Those of you gathered here will will be sent out to the N.E.U. to lay siege on Paris and capture the city."

The majority of those present found their faces warping into ones of astonishment and slight horror. What their leader was asking of them wasn't just some run of the mill terrorist attack. He was asking them to declare war on an entire country. They already had their hands full with the Black Knights and the Britannian military. None of them could understand why Sin wanted them to antagonize a third combatant.

Sin, picking up on these feelings, explained, "I understand your fears, brethren, but this is our only course of action. Although on the surface the N.E.U. claims to be neutral, they are secretly supporting the United States of Britannia by sheltering C.C. Therefore, they are our enemy as much as Britannia is. On top of that, the N.E.U. is weak. They are nothing to fear. They are still picking up the pieces after what the Holy Britannian Empire did to them ten years ago. Against our might, they are like ants. By the time the Britannians even realize what has happened, our forces will have long since claimed victory. Besides, once we have C.C. on our side, it will not matter how many foes we have to crush. That is why I am betting everything on this mission. Brave soldiers of the Britannian Restoration League, stand up against adversity! Bear your teeth against the enemy! Show no mercy! Most importantly, remember what you are fighting for! The Black Knights took everything from you! Your families, your status, your rightful place in this world! The time has come for you to take it back!"

Slowly, but surely, he was beginning to win most in the crowd over.

"Though the N.E.U. might be weak, one must not underestimate a cornered opponent for that is when they are the strongest. Now then, enough talk. Knightmare pilots, head down to the hanger and board your machines. You will be providing support for our ground units which will be transported by sea. My informants have mapped the area around France and have found a suitable invasion point. Our forces should arrive in Paris within hours. I've successfully managed to sneak some of my men in Paris already. They will surprise the Europeans first, then you lot will come in. Timing is off the essence. Although they may suspect we are after C.C. and liable to prepare defenses, we have the element of surprise in that they believe her to still be their secret. Once we capture Paris, the girl will be ours. Go forth, soldiers of the Britannian Restoration League! Go forth and claim what is rightfully yours! The capture of C.C. is a stepping stone to that dream!"

For the most part, his passionate speech had done the trick. His soldiers whipped themselves up into a frenzy and roared at the top of their lungs. They then piled out of the room and readied themselves for what would likely be the fight of their lives. Now standing in the room by himself, Sin smirked devilishly and let out a few chuckles.

"Ah. The power of words. While it is no Geass, they work all the same. Once you get humans riled up about something, you've practically have them in the palm of your hand. To think they actually believed that bit about Britannia being in league with the N.E.U. As foolish as they are, they have their uses. Now then, which one of them will be bringing me back that Immortal Witch?"

So, as you can see, the Britannian Restoration League is beginning their move to capture the Immortal Witch known as C.C. The Black Knights and the Britannian Military, having learned of these activities from their respective spies, are going on the move to stop them from both destroying Paris and capturing C.C. Needless to say, all members of the three respective factions will be able to join.

The goal for this event is obvious: the first faction to find and capture C.C. wins her services. Since I am the one RPing C.C., I'm willing join whichever side manages to find her (including the BRL. I'll just have to come up with something if they do manage to find her first.) Also, because I'm feeling particularly generous, I will give the best RPer a Custom Knightmare. Once (and if of course) we finish the event, we'll have a vote for the best RPer. For fairness sake, I won't include any of my characters in the vote. More info on that when (and once again, if) we finish the event.

Rather than just having one big topic where everyone posts (as I get the feeling the thread is liable to die that way), I will make a separate section on the board for the event. Those that wish to join it will therefore have the opportunity to make multiple threads and chose who they would like to RP with.

I will be using this account in a sort of game master role to keep things moving along.

A couple of rules to keep in mind...

1. Since we have a small member base at the moment, there will be no limit on the amount of characters you can use. So, if you've got five, you can bring all five. Or, you can just bring one. It's up to you.

2. If you do decide to sign up, note that in order to keep things moving along, you will only have a 3 days max to post in your threads unless you state beforehand that you will be late on replying. Otherwise, we're booting your character(s) out.

3. Should be obvious, but you are only allowed to have one character in one thread at a time. If you finish a thread, then you are free to join/start another.

4. No time limit. Will go on until either C.C. is captured or interest in the event dies off. Hopefully the former happens, of course.

5. In terms of timeline, Operation Spitfire will take place before any new topics you all make, so keep that in mind. If you've got any you need to finish, let me know so I can start the event when everyone is ready.

6. Just keep in mind the overall In Character Rules listed here.

That's it for now. If you're interested in signing up, just reply to this topic and state which characters you'd like to be in it. I will update this topic periodically with that info. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, you may post that as well. I'm really hoping this goes somewhere, so I need all of you guy's help! Let's make this event a great one!


Britannian Restoration League
Wendy Alexis Stalingrad - DiamondDust
Lucetta Velius - Bunneh
Lorne Arford - Vsland

Britannian Military
Chase LeRouge - DiamondDust
Reid Legato - Konti
Lumen Es Britannia - Lumen
Gale - Code

Black Knights
Elizabeth Yukimura - DiamondDust
Zero - Code
Remus Aldian - Code
Raiiel Ireia - Nukdae
Raven Skuldurge - Nukdae
Kallen Kozuki - C0nn3r
Elizabeth Armstrong - Nacho Man Grande
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