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Note: If you plan on creating an OC or a Canon, please create an Out of Character account first that will act as a parent for your sub accounts!

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 Posted: May 20 2015, 03:54 AM
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Hello! I wrote this Questions and Answers section in the hope it will help some of you that were wondering how the Requiem works or were curious about the board's setting. It can also help if you have a question about something and a staff member isn't on. I will update this topic periodically, and if any of you all have anything you think I should add here, please don't hesitate to let me know!

This will be divided into sections to (hopefully) make a particular answer you're looking for easier to find.

General Stuff

Q: I just got here and I'm kinda lost! What should I do first?!

A: Firstly, make an Out of Character Account (OoC). The name can be whatever you want. This will act as your 'main account.' Every time you make a character on Requiem of Geass, you are required to create another account and name it after your character. Then, you need to link those 'sub accounts' to your main account.

Afterward, you should check out our Rules and anything else in the Important Information section (like this Q&A!). Then, check out one of our Character Applications in the Character Sign-Ups section. There are applications for Original Characters, Canons, and even NPCs! Filling out an application is as easy as following the instructions contained in them.

Q: How do I link my sub accounts to my main account?

A: Log into your main account and then click 'My Controls' to the right of your name near the top of the board. Afterward, locate the option 'Edit Sub-accounts' on the left side of your User CP. Then, you simply have to supply your sub account's user name and password in the correct spaces. Afterward, hit 'Link This Account.' You should be all set then!

Once you link an account to your main account, you can switch between them all without having to log back in and out!

Q: How do I fill out the fields for my Mini Profile?

A: Click 'My Controls' and then find 'Edit Profile info.' All the fields for the Mini Profile will be marked as such on that page.

Q: Help! My Profile page is all stretched and ugly! What do I do?!

A: It likely has something to do with the links in your mini profile being too long (and therefore stretching the page). What I do is just shorten the links using this site: https://goo.gl/.

Q: Help! It says my account is 'Validating' after I register and I can't see or do anything!

A: We do not require anyone to Validate their account. If this happens to you, no need to fear. For whatever reason, Jcink think you're a spammer/bot because of your IP Address. Just let us know what's happened to you in the Cbox and we'll fix your account in a jiffy!

Q: Are there any activity checks here?

A: No. We do not have activity checks here on the Requiem. We know life can get in the way sometimes, and we do not expect you to be on here 24/7. However, if you do plan on disappearing, just let us know ahead of time if you can. All your lovely characters will be waiting right here when you get back. http://files.b1.jcink.com/html/emoticons/smile.gif

Q: Say, where's the face claim section?

A: We don't have one. While we do require your character's appearance to be from an anime or manga if you do choose to use a picture, we do not require you to put in a face claim. While it is possible you could accidentally pick the same face claim as someone else, we figure that situation could easily be resolved without us having to make an entire section for face claims. (I seriously don't get the point of face claims anyway, but whatever...)

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 Posted: May 20 2015, 04:45 AM
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RP Related Stuff

Q: What kinds of characters can I make here on the Requiem?

A: We allow Original Characters, Canons, and NPCs. Original Characters and NPCs can have whatever nationality, history, job, etc. you desire. There is no limit on how many characters you are allowed to make, so go nuts!

Q: What kinds of characters/races are allowed here?

A: We solely allow Humans and Immortals (humans that can hand out the power of Geass) here on Requiem of Geass. No exceptions. That's what they had in the series, so that's what we have here on the board.

Q: What's a NPC?

A: This is a bit hard to explain in a text based RPG like this one. Because we allow anyone to make a NPC, that would technically make them 'a player character' (NPC stands for 'Non Player Character' by the way), thus the possible confusion.

Personally, I just look at them as side or even insignificant characters who only serve one purpose and are going to get little development. So for example, I make a teacher for Ashford Academy who's only ever going to show up there and likely have little to no impact on the plot. So, I just make him a NPC.

Q: What year does this RP take place?

A: Requiem of Geass takes place about ten years after the end of Code Geass R2. Therefore, the year is 2028 a.t.b. (or Revolution Year 238 for all you fans of the European Union!). If you have not finished Code Geass R2, there are going to be MASSIVE spoilers everywhere on this board! You have been warned! (Finish R2! It's really good! Seriously!)

Q: What are the nations/countries on Requiem of Geass?

A: The three major ones are the United Federation of Nations (U.F.N.), the United States of Britannia (USB), and the New European Union (N.E.U.). More information on these nations can be found here: Nations

Q: How about any factions or groups?

Indeed. There is of course the Black Knights, led by Zero, and the Britannian Military, but we also have a completely original faction known as the Britannian Restoration League. You can check out the Plot to learn more about the BRL. Your character, should they choose to join the military, can pick from any of these groups to become a part of.

Q: Can I start off with Geass/a Custom Knightmare Frame/a Title?

A: Unfortunately no. Unless under very, very special circumstances, you are required to earn all these things. You can find the requirements for Geass, Custom Knightmares, and Titles in the Important Information section.

Canon characters may be exempt from this rule depending on which Canon. Always be sure to ask a staff member if you aren't sure!

Q: Is there a word count?

A: No. We do not have a word count or require anyone's post to be a specific length. We do however frown on one or two sentence replies. All we ask here is that you give the other poster something to work with.

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Q: Is Lelouch alive?

No, no he is not. At least, that's the case on this board, so please do not ask to play as him or ask us to bring him back to life or anything weird like that.

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