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» The Plot
 Posted: Apr 26 2015, 11:26 AM
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Here's the plot for Requiem of Geass. It takes places about ten years after the end of Code Geass R2 (so there are MAJOR spoilers if you haven't gotten that far!!!).

Ten years ago, the long, bloody war between the Order of the Black Knights and the Holy Britannian Empire came to a resounding conclusion with the assassination of Britannia's 99th Emperor, Lelouch vi Britannia. This act was committed by the hands of the Black Knights' leader, the masked criminal simply known worldwide as Zero. Lelouch, though abolishing the Area-Number system and the class systems that had been abundant in Britannia for decades, performed these seemingly benevolent actions as mere a smokescreen for his quest of world domination. With the globe under siege, Zero took it upon himself to end the tyrannical Emperor. What followed was a wave of peace that spread worldwide. The United Federation of Nations was resurrected and strengthened by the addition of new territory, while new nations such as the New European Union appeared. The United States of Japan, once Area 11 and founded by Zero, in particular proceeded to rebuild at a rapid pace, and within ten years, it shaped itself as the head of the U.F.N. Without a doubt, the Black Knights had succeeded in their original goal of liberating Japan and the rest of the world. For now, it appeared the monocracy of nations like the Holy Britannian Empire had finally come to an end.

Britannia, now referring to itself as the United States of Britannia, slowly turned down the path of democracy thanks to the efforts of its new Empress, Nunnally vi Britannia, by relinquishing claims to a majority of its territory. Because of this, the nation has been reduced substantially, now merely occupying the continents of North and South America. Despite its fall from grace, the country seemed determined to leave its bloodstained past behind to pursue a brighter future. The Britannian Royal Family now simply stands as a symbolic figure and though the Empress holds some power in government, the reigns of the country are truly controlled by a democratic panel. Despite its decision to remain separate from the U.F.N., Britannia forged powerful diplomatic ties with the Black Knights and the United States of Japan.

However, there were a few individuals that were less than contempt with the aftermath of the war. In particular, the removal of the class system left the once powerful, wealthy, and influential nobles and members of Britannia's upper class without status and riches. This was a fact few were willing to simply take, and even though Emperor Lelouch vi Britannia had managed to dispose of a good number of his dissenters, enough of them survived after his death to come together. Along with them were many Britannian veterans of the war, some of which were more than dismayed to find that all their blood, sweat, and tears had gone to waste, especially since Japan had successfully acquired their long sought after freedom. From these seeds of bitterness and resentment came a group known as the Britannian Restoration League. Their goal is simple: returning their homeland of Britannia to the powerful and dominant superpower it once was, as well as reestablishing the class system and ousting the current Britannian Empress, Nunnally vi Britannia in place of their own appointed leader.

The BRL started as nothing but a small following, drawing in Britannians, hired mercenaries, and others who shared their point of view. Neither the U.F.N., N.E.U., nor the United States of Britannia saw them as any sort of threat. Their inaction however allowed the BRL to slowly but surely gain a considerable following within a time span of five years. Their first defining moment came around that time, with the attack on an unsuspecting city of Saitama, located within the United States of Japan. The BRL had stolen outdated Knightmare Frames from old Britannan storehouses and upgraded them for their own personal use, employing them to completely destroy the defenseless city within a matter of hours. It was clear to the world they were trying to send a message, one that had been received loud and clear. Afterward, the organization declared war on the United States of Japan and the Black Knights, claiming the nation would be the first to be subjugated under the 'new' Britannia. Outraged, the U.F.N. demanded that the group surrender themselves, but the BRL refused, instead attacking a Britannia military base on the coast of Japan, killing hundreds of innocent civilians and soldiers in the process. It was then clear to both the Black Knights and the United States of Britannia that this new threat would have be dealt with by force. Whether anyone liked it or not, a new conflict had arrived.

Five years have passed since that fateful day. The battle between the BRL and the Black Knights rages onward, yet neither side is able to gain an advantage on the other. Since the start, the Black Knights have received limited military support from Britannia. Hesitant to throw itself into another conflict so soon, the Britannian government is split down the middle: the House of Lords wishes to remain neutral like the New European Republic, whereas the Senate feels Britannia must help the Black Knights before it is too late.

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