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» May I take your order?
Lucetta Velius
 Posted: Feb 26 2017, 10:13 AM
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Everyone had their own story, but it seems that a lot of people shared quite a similar one. That story all brought them to the same place eventually. She and Lumen were apparently no different. He too had lost his father and one reason he joined up was for revenge. Perhaps he was a more honorable person than Lucetta, for he actually cared about the world. Lucetta, however, felt that the world didn't give her a second glance. Her enemies had taken a new form as the BRL and that was what she would aim her aggression at. Or being forced to move to Britannia and live amongst her enemies for over 10 years has slowly morphed her into such a jaded being when it comes to world peace.

"If I had seen my father die before my eyes, I doubt I'd be as calm as you are. I'm sure we all hate the BRL for our separate reasons, but we can all come to the same conclusion that they need to be stopped. I honestly wonder why we haven't done it yet. How could it be possible that two armies, Britannian and the Black Knights, can't squash one faction? I joined to see if I could make some sort of a difference, but nothing seems to be moving fast enough."

Lucetta had never revealed her impatience with her own military. The longer it took, the more she wondered if her theory were actually true. She didn't like the idea of being led around in circles with no conclusion. If it came to that, she had no problem taking matters into her own hands. As far as she was concerned, the Britannian Military was simply a means to an end. Her father, on information on him, was the end goal. The sound of vehicles approaching could be heard in the distance. Lucetta rose from the ground and dusted off her clothes. She supposed she would have to go back to that restaurant and give them back these clothes while demanding payment for her services. Like hell she was working for free.

"Hmmm, je t'entends. I suppose that's the Calvary. Also, don't worry, I'll be sure to tell you if I remember anything. You should do the same."

With that, she began to stroll away from her comrade. However, she paused after a few steps and turned her head back toward him.

"By the way, that's Miss Velius to you. Au Revoir, Lumen.", she added.

Snickering, she continued on her way, hoping she at least pressed one of his buttons with that last comment. Although the man had revealed a lot about himself, she would have to give it more time to fully trust such a calculating individual. He should think no less of her as well.

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Lumen es Britannia
 Posted: Feb 26 2017, 06:43 PM
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Luce was preaching to the choir with her little speech. He wholeheartedly agreed with every word she said. It was an amazement that both the Black Knights and the Britannian military let the enemy grow to be this big of a threat. Saying they were incompetent was an understatement. The years of peace had whittled away at them and made them weak - too weak to defeat the BRL. Lumen was going to fix this; there was a certainty. He just had to bide his time until he was in the position of the power to bring about the reformation he so desired. Until then, Inquisitor was nothing more than a means to an end to combat the BRL.

"Believe me, I more than share your sentiments. It's nothing less than bewildering that we've squandered so many chances to end the BRL once and for all. Honestly speaking, I joined as well for a similar reason. I want to do everything in my power to shift the tides of war in our favor. Even if not for revenge, I at least want to honor my father's memory."

She was right about him being calm - he was the calm before the storm - a storm he would bring about of his own volition. There was no doubt Lucetta possessed a hatred for the BRL, but how deep were the depths of that hatred? Could she find it in herself to kill every man, woman and child associated with that detestable organization? He certainly hoped so. She was the partner in crime he so desperately needed.

Lumen's thoughts were cut short by the arrival of the military. Late, but sure enough they were here to pick up where the duo had left off. For something so important, one would only assume they would be prompt. Lucetta's theory may have had some merit to it after all. Speaking of Lucetta, she was more than eager to leave at a moment's notice. Had he been the ordinary man, he might have been hurt by such a sign of disinterest.

He could do nothing but smirk as she playfully chided him for using her name with such familiarity. That trademark banter of hers was at work once more. He'd be seeing her again soon, but for the time being he had other matters to attend to. With any luck, he'd be visiting Pendragon soon.

"Until next time, Miss Velius."
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