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» IXA-01 Romulus
 Posted: Apr 3 2017, 06:18 PM
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Name: IXA-01 Romulus

Frame Type: Ranged

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Yggdrasil Drive
Energy Filler
Cockpit ejection system
Energy Wing Propulsion system
2 Shoulder-mounted Factsphere Sensors

Experimental Resonating Core - A nascent technology uniquely wielded by the Romulus. This experimental device uses energy spikes from the Core Luminous system to vibrate the Knightmare frame at extreme rate, essentially coating it in a field of vibration. This high-vibration frequency is capable of deflecting most ranged attacks, ranging from mere bullets to hadron cannon fire and mitigates most if not all of the damage of even some of the most powerful attacks. In addition, when this field is up it renders most physical attacks near useless as the vibration field can dismantle other units upon mere contact at high-end frequencies. This technology is not without drawbacks as it is a double-edged sword in the fact that it puts a high amounts of strain both the pilot and machine. To help cope with this offset, the Romulus possesses a thin but highly-durable special metal coating to use the resonating core for a longer period of time. Despite this, the very machine itself is capable of shattering upon extended use although it is questionable whether the pilot would be able to endure long enough for this to take effect. A hidden feature of the machine is that the hands of the machine are actually capable of vibrating at far higher frequency than the rest of the machine; this level of vibration is high enough that it can actually vibrate the hand through other Knightmares with ease to kill the enemy pilot.

Eternal Resonance Blade (x2) - The Eternal Resonance Blade is a unique blade which creation stems from its father technology, the experimental resonating core. These large blades possess their own core luminous that is powered by energy transfer from the energy fillers from the Romulus itself. Rather than function based on pure oscillation like the MVS, the ERB uses it's own micronized experimental resonating core, powered by their core luminous systems, to give it an extremely high vibrating frequency even higher than that of the Knightmare itself. In tests, it has been proven not only to be able to vaporize any bullet that makes contact with its vibration field, but also to be able to block hadron cannon fire and even carve through it, parting it in two.

This blade is far superior to even the highest of oscillating maser vibration blades as its frequency can actually cause blades it can come in contact with to disassemble upon prolonged clashing. It suffices to say that many Knightmares would face severe damage from even a light-brush with the blade. As it functions separately from the Knightmare, these blades can be used without fear of burdening the pilot or the machine itself. As a downside, the blade cannot be used in it's high-frequency mode as a constant, but manages to recoup by being able to vibrate at a lower frequency indefinitely - a state in which it is still on par with the MVS. As not to damage the Romulus, the hilt of these blades are made of a high-vibration dampening metal to reduce unwanted feedback.

Resonating Slash Harkens (Wrist Mounted - Harken Booster Equipped) x2 - Although similar in use to the slash harken in most ways the Resonating Slash Harkens are designed with a high-durability harken cable that is capable of carrying the vibration frequency to the harkens themselves. With the press of a button, this frequency can be sent up the cables to the harkens, allowing the Slash harkens to severely cripple and even dismantle enemy Knightmare frames depending on the intensity. Because of their resonating field, these harkens cannot be repelled with normal gun-fire as bullets would only deflect off.

Assault Rifle Type V.A.R.I..S. Rifle(a.k.a Meteor Rifle) (x1) - Although it functions in concept much like a normal VARIS Rifle, the Meteor Rifle is similar to the Eternal Resonance Blade in practical use as it equips both its own resonating core and core luminous. Because of it's add-ons, the Meteor Rifle is capable of firing condensed high-speed vibration fields that can actually dismantle other machines upon contact.

Head mounted Machine guns (x2)
Chest mounted Rocket Launcher (x2)
Hip mounted Slash Harkens (x4)

Developed in secret from a joint contract between the Britannian Military and Sensatus Labs, this machine was designed with the purpose of being on the forefront of the arms race against the BRL. this 9th generation Frame lacks very little in the way of features and armament. This frame was built in the Britannian Military Research and Development Labs with the intent to give it to the next soldier capable of piloting it. Because of its experimental nature it was decided that they would not risk any of their high ranking members in the frame. As such, soldiers that were Major rank or higher were omitted from the candidacy program; though none of the current privates proved capable of handling the machine.

Mobile and nimble, the Romulus is hard to track down in combat and uses its V.A.R.I.A.S. Rifle, prototype technology originally developed for the Sensatus unit designated "Genevieve", to keep enemy targets out of its airspace. For those enemies that do make it within the range of close combat its Eternal Resonance Blades makes quick work of them. Chest mounted Rocket Launchers provide a nasty surprise for units caught unawares as the rockets lock on to the sakuradite of opposing Knightmares, never stopping until they are hit.

This unit's real novelty comes in the form of its "Experimental Resonating Core". This feature resonates the entire unit's frame at a frequency that allows it to deflect most gunfire, as well as vibration swords and radiant wave surgers. At higher frequencies the core can be used as a weapon, dismantling parts if a unit with a single touch. While functional, the Resonating Core is still experimental and has its share of drawbacks. For one, the core must be used sparingly to avoid the shattering of the unit's armor. The vibrations also reverberate around the cockpit meaning the pilot must be at peak physical condition in order to make full use of it. Even top pilots must use the Resonating Core sparingly or risk suffering intense medical issues such as nausea, vomiting, and loss of consciousness.
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