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» Lumen's Current Goals and Relationships
 Posted: Jan 24 2017, 01:30 PM
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(Since there is a misconception that Lumen is a homicidal maniac bent on revenge that has no feelings I decided to clear some things up.)

Lumen's goal is not merely revenge. When Lumen lost his father, he was initially bent on nothing but revenge, but as he started to get older he realized that something needed to be done on a much larger scale. Fate was his primary enemy, not the BRL. The old Black Knights and the current BRL are exactly the same in terms of ideals in his mind. He believes that the Black Knights eventually trampled over the Britannians because they didn't have morality holding them back. He further believes that the exact same thing is bound to repeat with the BRL, seeing how far what an initially small terrorist group has gotten against TWO superpowers as opposed to the ONE that the BK had to contend with. What does the BRL currently posses that these superpowers don't? An ends justify the means attitude and a lack of morality.

Lumen has no doubt in his mind that the BRL will win unless something is done. If the BRL wins, there will be resentment and a desire for revenge once more. Out of this, he believes yet another resistance will be born that will topple the BRL. Unless somebody actively goes out of their way to halt the cycle, nothing will be stopped. Lumen believes that out of everybody in history, Lelouch was the closest to stopping this repetition of events (obviously he was unaware of his true intentions) by taking control of the entire world and forcing it to submit.

Lumen definitely holds a hatred for the BRL, however he does have a much larger end game goal. He wants to become the Knight of One and slowly reshape Britannia to become ruthless and powerful enough to eliminate every member of the BRL. Doing this would just be simple revenge, which in turn would beget more revenge. Every single close family member and friend of those directly affiliated with the BRL must also be purged. If they are left to live, they will only foster feelings of hatred - that hatred must be nipped in the bud before it is given time to take root.

If all of this was accomplished, Lumen would then move onto forming a system in which the remaining dissidents were far too afraid to rebel or speak out. Something similar to the Damocles would work out well. That said, Lumen does NOT want to create the old Britannia. He is not going to oppress the common man or any specific race of people. Doing so would certainly amass far too much resentment for even a super weapon to contain and a coup would certainly take place. His wish is to prevent those who bear the flames of rebellion from getting out of hand, not make every person alive miserable.

With all above said, Lumen is definitely a flawed character and is going too far overboard. Subconsciously, he may be lashing out at the reality that denied him a chance at a happy life not once but TWICE. He has never felt any close bonds in his entire life, and the first time one was truly formed he lost it not long after. In fact, the only time he had ever been told he was loved by somebody was moments before that same person died.

Because Lumen has never formed a close attachment with anybody, it is far easier for him to hate than it is to love. Even still, small inklings of morality and attachment dwell within him - there are still people he would not want to kill: Melina being one of them. Melina was the second and most recent person to ever show him signs of affection, however, Lumen is not sure how to accept them. He's never been shown love before, so it's hard for him to accept the fact that somebody might actually care about him. He is convinced they are merely ephemeral feelings that are conditional upon her thinking he is an ideal upstanding soldier. That said, he probably does have some sort of weak bond with her. This is probably the only positive relationship Lumen currently has.

As for Wendy, Although he would never admit it, she is special to Lumen. Although many characters have lost loved ones, Wendy is the only one that has lost her loved ones in nearly an identical way: they both lost their parents in a war against ruthless terrorists. Subconsciously, he sees himself lashing out against the world when looks at her, allowing him to sympathize with her; Sympathizing with his enemy is the LAST thing Lumen wants to do. He hasn't shared bonds with others and he certainly doesn't want to do it with the enemy. The only other feeling of attachment Lumen can default to is hatred: the easiest emotion for Lumen to express.

As for those small inklings of morality mentioned earlier, there is another character that really brings those to the front of Lumen's mind: Chase Lerouge. Chase is the very embodiment of the morality Lumen is trying to repress. Chase is like a physical manifestation of Lumen's conscious (LMAO like he has one, rite guys?) nagging at him every step of the way. The last thing Lumen wants to be told is what he is doing is wrong. Although Lumen may claim to be without morals, he had to work himself up to the point to build a wall that allowed him to mercilessly kill BRL soldiers - it wasn't easy for him at first. If Chase continues to be there to slap him on the wrist, he'll slowly whittle away the wall that Lumen built up protecting him from the guilt.

Reid one the other hand is somebody Lumen looks to with interest. Although they may have been somewhat of playmates as children, Lumen cannot say he had really any close attachment to him. That said, Lumen sees that Reid has one key trait in common with himself: Ambition. He clearly realizes that Reid is dead set on accomplishing his goals. He could definitely use an ally like this; he just needs to slightly sway Reid's goals more in line with his. He has his plans on how to do this and will probably spring them into action in the near future.

So in short, is Lumen a prick? Yes. Does he deserve to get shot? Most definitely. Is there any hope for him at all? Maybe.

TL;DR - Smart people don't have smarter beliefs - they are just better at justifying their stupid beliefs.
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