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Mar 20 2017, 01:48 AM
Lumen ambled through the hustle and bustle of Omotesando Mall, his usual sly grin seemingly misplaced. The thought of asking for a way to contact Alexander in the past had slipped his mind what with the hectic situation they were involved in that day, or rather it was that his mind was far too distracted with the man after them. Fortunately, he had managed to procure Alexander's personal contact information after perusing through some contact information - information he had no right to be snooping through in the first place.

What Lumen was about to do...it filled him with trepidation: he was going to tell Alexander of their fraternal connection as brothers. He had done it before, but that was far easier with Melina. She had remembered him as well as the entire debacle with him getting swapped out. Alexander on the other hand had been shipped overseas around the time he was four. It was likely he had only ever heard the name Lumen es Britannia in passing, assuming him long dead what with the whole Pendragon disaster.

Very unlike typical Lumen fashion, he would be winging it for the most part. He was hoping Alexander would take him on his word. His pocket watch of course accompanied him, but he remained dubious as to whether it would do him much good. The craftsmanship of the emerald and diamond bejeweled watch was unquestionable, and the royal crest and name "Lumen Es Brtiannia" indelibly but carefully etched into it oozed royal, but again somebody easily could have pilfered this from the remains of Pendragon. The trump card only worked on Melina because she knew there was a real Lumen out there floating somewhere about.

Lumen had no other option. With such a parlous position the two were in, he had no choice but to give his brother the full rundown. He had done some research into the man that was after Alexander and what he found out was not good. The man after him had to be high-ranking in the BRL based on what he had managed to scavenge from data logs, again, some he hadn't even the permissions to look at. They guy after Alexander wasn't a joke; this much was clear from their last run in.

Whether he would choose to believe Lumen was all on him. Lumen had even called him out to meet in public to show he had no ill-intentions, something that was very risky on his part. Letting additional people into the loop with him being a prince was something he did begrudgingly and doing so with others nearby was just asking for trouble, but he had no choice; it wasn't like telling the man to meet him on a rooftop or in some dark alley was a viable option.

Lumen plopped himself into a seat at the food court they agreed to wait at, sitting as far away from others as he could. with any luck, Alexander would show up as the clock ticked nearer towards their second meeting.
Mar 12 2017, 01:52 AM
Lumen sneered with utter disdain at the large humanoid machine below him. He had been "awarded" the opportunity to oversee the maintenance and even provide upgrades for General Arnfried's personal Lancelot Renacer. In Lumen's eyes this was no means an opportunity for advancement - in fact, this was nothing short of relegation. He was far above tinkering with some mass production unit laying around base, even if it was a high echelon general model. Besides, he had no involvement with the scientific division of Britannia, and for the current moment his Knightmare frame research was privately funded. Evidently, Inquisitor had done their homework on his skillset.

"The power reading output readings are green. We're operating at 99.46% of the predicted increase we expected the upgrades to provide. It looks like everything is a success. General Arnfried will be pleased to hear this news, Major Sensatus. I'm sure you'll be well rewarded for your time spent."

"Hmm...an ostensible success by all means. Then again, I suppose it's no surprise with a man such as myself at the helm of this operation. However, I must wonder why one such as myself would be tapped for a trifling matter like this. After all, I'm not even a member of a scientific division. I digress, as it hardly matters at this point. In any case, like I said: it's an ostensible success. I'll settle for nothing less than us achieving 100% of the increase I projected. We'll remain here til we are finished."

It had been a long time since Lumen had worked on Knightmares as part of a team, if one could even call it that. The only scientific teammate he had was long gone and he would never accept a replacement for him. This was the very reason he had worked on Knightmare frames alone and never went into the military's technology division.

Speaking of teammates, he had caught wind of a rumor that his esteemed partner was somewhere on base. She had made quite the name for herself, being one of the few members of the militay to infiltrate the BRL and make it out with her life. It was no wonder he had such an intense interest in her. She was a prim and proper soldier by all means, and one of the few who had yet to disappoint him.

Lumen was snapped out of his rumination by the sliding of a mechanical door behind him. Had somebody been sent to check on his progress? In any case, he'd be sure to let them know about his displeasure of being assigned to such a belittling task.
Feb 26 2017, 08:20 PM
Back home already? It seemed like not long ago Lumen was involved in a fiasco here, now he was likely going to find himself in another. There was enough weight behind Luce's suspicions that General Arnfried assigned the two this mission in Pendragon. They were to snuff out the redcoat in the Britannian cabinet, and if possible bring him back alive for questioning. Without a doubt, he had a contact in Pendragon that would be of great assistance to them in this endeavor.

He had been waiting in a small little cafe nestled along the bustling center of the city. Checking his pocket watch, he noted that the two women he was to meet would likely be here soon. Melina...although she was undoubtedly their greatest source of info, he would have to keep on his toes with her around. He was on official Inquisitor business and he didn't want Melina being privy to the ignominious things he had done and would likely continue to do in the days to come. A sharp one she was, much like Lucetta. Speaking of which, it would be a bit interesting to see how the two interacted with each other. He was certain Lucetta wouldn't do anything too outlandish that would draw Melina's suspicions.

On the topic of Lucetta, this would be her first time meeting, let alone working with a member of the royal family. More accurate, it would be the first time she was aware she was working a member of the royal family. How amusing it would be if she were to discover she was not working with just one, but two royal family members. A part of him wondered if she was nervous; she didn't seem like the type of person to get herself riled up, even over meeting such a prominent public icon.

All of his other thoughts hardly mattered now. He was more concerned with his course of action once they had apprehended the culprit. The orders were to take him back alive for questioning if possible, but Lumen had an odd little trait of "misinterpreting" similar orders in the past. For some reason, his trigger finger tended to slip quite often around the enemy. Shoot first and ask questions later - that was the method to his madness when it came to the BRL. He wasn't quite sure if Lucetta would be so warm to the idea of offing the man when that time came to be. Well, if he couldn't kill the target, he'd at least make the man remember his name.

Although he relished the opportunity to take down another enemy, he was hasty to get this mission over with. Like before, he detested the mere thought of being in this city. He hated to admit it, but anything reminding him of his early childhood days slightly disquieted him. His old family kicked him the curb without a hint of remorse. He told himself he didn't hold a grudge, but it wasn't like he was going to just let bygones be bygones. Well, most of them were all but gone so it hardly mattered at this point.

For now, Lumen would just have to wait patiently for the women of the hour to arrive. He more than likely had a difficult mission ahead of him, so this period of respite wouldn't do him any harm.
Feb 12 2017, 09:06 PM
It was a very late night on the east coast of Britannia, far past the hours of hustle and bustle that plagued the day. Even if there were people out and about, the storm clouds gathering overhead would soon put a literal dampening on their plans. There was one person out, however. Amidst an old graveyard stood a white-haired boy, staring down at a grave that seemed to be in immaculate condition.

"It's been a while, father. Things are progressing quite smoothly with the lab, in fact I'm working on several new Knightmare frames. As for work...well I'm sure you don't want to hear about something so bleak. Just know that what I'm doing...I'm doing it for your sake. I won't let your death be for nothing - I'm going to create a new world - a world where people won't have to die over some foolish squabble for power. I'll destroy this corruption and everything associated with it. Just watch me."

Reaching into his pocket, Lumen pulled out a small silver case: a cigar box. As he opened the case, he removed two cigars and a lighter from its contents before storing them back in their original spot. He lit two cigars and placed the one in front of his father's grave, the second he placed in his mouth.

He took a long puff of his cigar before bellowing a small cloud of smoke and speaking, "To the future."

To be honest, Lumen had always loathed smoking in any medium. His father, despite being an intelligent man, had a self-destructive love for cigarettes and cigars alike. Despite his disdain for smoking, Lumen did have fond memories of sharing a celebratory cigar with his father after finishing a project. He was sure his father relished the chance to break out a cigar as well. Fortunately, that bad habit never rubbed off on him. This cigar was only to honor his memory.

The boy remained there in silence for some deal of time until the faint ember glow had swallowed the cigar on the ground and burned into nothingness. Lumen's cigar had been taken for its final drag too. It was not soon after rain started pouring down like mad from above. It was fitting that Thomas got to enjoy his cigar before the rain came along to put it out. Instead of leaving to find cover, Lumen obstinately remained planted. As the raindrops pelted him, the water trickling down his face almost made it look as if he were crying...or maybe he actually was. In any case, he was a bit more relaxed for the mission that was to come on this night.

To think that his first mission with Rowan was to be held in his home town. Tonight was Rowan's final test, and it wasn't an easy one by any stretch. A member of Inquisitor was suspected to be defecting to the Britannian Restoration League on this night: something that had to be stopped at all costs. Luckily, Inquisitor had placed bugs and trackers on everything associated with this man the moment they had the small suspicion he was about to become a turncoat.

Lumen would stop this traitor at all costs, and the only way to do that was by ending him. Although Inquisitor presented him with the choice of bringing him back alive, he was well aware they knew exactly what he would do. He was going to make damn sure to send a message not to screw around in his town. With Rowan along, he likely wouldn't even need to get his hands dirty.

Speaking of Rowan, he was another one of the few Lumen had his eye on. It would always be handy to have a powerhouse like him on his side, but his loyalties to Inquisitor were as clear as day. Intense loyalty like that would be hard to break, but he was a man on a mission and he intended to see Rowan come along for the ride. Hopefully Rowan wouldn't strangle him before the ride even started.

As he exited the graveyard, Lumen looked around inquisitively to see if he had kept Rowan waiting. The man had not arrived yet. Lumen pulled out the pocket watch memento from his departed mother and shielded it from the rain as he attempted to view the time. Rowan had no reason to be here yet; arriving now would be early for their scheduled meeting. Hopefully Rowan was prompt, and hopefully he had an umbrella too.

Jan 30 2017, 06:20 PM
The midnight moon's reflection shimmered across the harbor's water. It was a clear night without a cloud in sight, a quiet one too. The only thing that could be heard aside from the small passing waves was the gentle rocking of the sailboats, nestled securely in their ports. Tonight would have been quite a night for sight-seeing or relaxation. The docks were quite peaceful at night, but this thin veil of peace masked a much darker truth.

On the pier stood a small congregation of men - four to be exact. Two tall, burly men in suits and a slightly rotund middle-aged man stood in front of a docked yacht, facing a white-haired figure. On further inspection, one could not that what they were talking about seemed to be very dark indeed.

"Is everything accounted for?"

"All fifteen suitcases have the refrain in the amounts we've requested as per our agreement."

"It's been a pleasure doing business with you, Mr. Hazelett. The funds have been wired to the account you specified."

"My father was Mr. Hazelett, call me Davis. It was a pleasure doing business with you. I'm sure my superiors will look forward to your continued patronage in the future. I'd like to make my leave now. After all, we don't want to rouse suspicion by being out here too late, Mr. Ray."

"We'll definitely be seeing you around."

The white-haired man ambled away from the docks as the men behind him loaded the suitcases onto the yacht. Although they couldn't see it, a small smirk perched itself upon the white-haired boy's lips. He had gone and thrown himself into a shady ongoing, as per norm. The trademark grin of his was a giveaway that something bad was going to happen - more than likely to his "associates."

The yacht slowly exited its port, sailing towards the depths of the moonlight sea. Indeed, it truly was a wonderful night for a relaxing sail on the sea. Unfotunately, the ambient relaxing atmosphere was torn to shreds as the tepid silence was replaced with a loud, violent explosion.

"That's the end for you, Mr. Ray," Lumen chuckled as he put a remote back into his coat pocket. Quinton Ray was a reputable refrain dealer in the underworld; there were few of power that hadn't at least made one dealing with him. The man had amassed enough power, wealth and respect from his dirty dealings to be able to become a powerful ally. Something he was...to the BRL.

Lumen was given permission by Inquisitor to end the life of this man. Although there was no proof that would stand up in a court of law, the man was dead to rights in the act of funding the BRL, at least in Inquisitor's book. Having no proof, however, muddied the waters. This mission was off of the record, meaning if he were to be caught, his superiors would deny any involvement.

Fortunately, Lumen had been successful in his mission thus far. He had managed to end the dealer's life by planting a remote IED in a hidden compartment of one of the suitcases. That IED packed enough power destroy an entire yacht and sink whatever remained of it to the bottom of the sea. Just like that, another wretched BRL dog was wiped out.

"With every death, I slowly clean away the stain the BRL is to this world. Are you proud of me, Father?"

Sadly, Lumen didn't have time to stand around and give himself a pat on the back. Such a large explosion would be sure to gather attention, and he didn't want to be caught at the scene if the police arrived. He had to make it to his bike and scramble before anybody realized just what went down. Still, Lumen couldn't help be pleased with his work. Because of him, the BRL had lost another asset.
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