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Mar 14 2017, 04:00 AM
Personal Information

Name: Richard Riess (Birth Name)

Alias/Nickname: Acerbus

Gender: Male

Age: 22

Nationality: Britannian


Occupation: BRL Soldier


Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Standing at about 5'11 Acerbus is slightly above others in terms of hight. Although his frame is rather thin, he is extremely muscular, even for his size. In addition, he is extremely nimble and possesses a great amount of stamina due to his physique. His body possesses a great deal of scarring from the intensive training he underwent.

Acerbus possess raven hair that tapers off shortly above his neck. Complimenting his raven hair are a pair of crimson-colored eyes to which almost always seem to be accompanied by furrowed eyebrows and an annoyed frown.

For clothing, Acerbus dons a long black hooded cloak, concealing everything but his head. Although not visible, underneath he seems to wear some sort of armor-padded clothing. In addition, the inside of his cloak hides a small array of weapons ranging from firearms to throwing daggers. Although not commonly, he has been known to carry around a katana, which is rumored to be a trophy he obtained from killing a General of the Black Knights.

Acerbus is extremely prideful and arrogant, often looking down on most around him, throwing out caustic insults to his enemies at every turn. That said, he is not above complimenting those who have earned his respect. He is extremely forthright and to the point, speaking how he feels regardless of how those around him may feel. He has a tendency to refer to those simply by their gender, a habit developed from his early years in the group Noctem.

Due to his rather rough upbringing, Acerbus is a rather distant person and will often give nothing more than a chilling glare to those in his presence. Despite this, he does feel an intense amount of loyalty to the Britannian Restoration League, seeing all of its members as his trusted comrades in the battle against Britannia. Being raised to be a perfect soldier, he will follow any order given to him by his superiors without hesitation.

Acerbus shows no mercy to his opponents due to his teaching and has no qualms with taking the life of innocents, regardless of whether they are an enemy or not. If they are even a minor obstacle, they are as good as dead in his book provided it doesn't cause too many unneeded consequences.

Born in the year 2008 ATB, Richard Riess grew up the son of an affluent family in Britannia. Both his mother and father were esteemed business tycoons in their respective fields. Needless to say the young boy was quite spoiled and was well-accustomed to receive anything he so desired.

Unfortunately for the family, things were not as happy-go-lucky as they seemed. His father had been taking rather large risks by doing some dirty dealings. In pursuit of greater wealth, he ended up getting involved in business schemes involving several terrorist groups. These ventures came with a grave consequence. Due to a failed negotiation, a group of hitmen was ordered to kill the tycoon and his wife.

That night was the first night Richard had ever experienced any sort of trouble in his blissful, carefree life. He was present to bear witness not only to the death of his father, but his mother as well. On the upside, if there even was one, was that the contract killing group decided to take the young boy in rather than give him the fate of his parents. Why? Simply because there was no mention of killing the boy in their orders. The group that had killed his parents was called "Noctem." Apparently the mercenary group had a tradition of recruiting members by training the orphaned children of their targets.

Everything was flipped upside down for the young boy. The group of people he detested more than any other in the world was now his caregiver. What more, he was stripped of his name and referred to simply as "boy." He was told the reason for this being that he had yet to do anything noteworthy to earn a name. Things were extremely rough for the child. Although his life wasn't in any imminent danger, his treatment from his captors was far from humane. Day by day he was beaten senseless and forced to do rigorous exercises (relative to his age) in an attempt to "toughen" him up. Being pampered for most of his childhood, this was far from what he was accustomed to.

Rather than give into depression and slowly wither away, Richard did toughen up. Within four years, the spoiled brat he used to be was nothing more than a mere after thought. Those beatings he received were in actuality training to ready him for actual combat situations, and now his body was tough enough to begin the real training.

For the next four years, Richard's training became even more gruesome and he was put through intensive teaching sessions in multiple martial arts. Soon enough he had even moved on to training with weapons such as throwing knives and fire arms. After those four years, Richard had finally earned a name: Acerbus. He was more than glad to forgo his old name, seeing it as a symbol of the weakness he once carried. Unlike one would think, his hatred for his captors lessened over the years and he soon fostered a deep appreciation for them instead. They were his comrades that rescued him from a life of ignorance.

Acerbus was at the stage where he was now able to be taken along on missions without being a dead weight. After the war had ended, Noctem found contractors in many of the fledgling resistance groups. They were able to make a killing (both physically and metaphorically) by being paid to target Britannian officials with strong ties to newly freed Japan. In time, Acerbus became no stranger to spilling blood himself.

Day by day and year by year, Acerbus's skills and bond with his comrades only deepened. He soon began to relish in the thrill of a mission. Unfortunately, their missions soon began to end. As the BRL finally came into the spotlight, Britannia started cracking down on some of the smaller resistance groups. Being in direct contact with many of these groups soon caught Noctem in the cross-hairs of the Britannian Military.

Not long after the BRL's attack on a Britannian Military base had Noctem's hideout been located and stormed by soldiers of the Britannian Military. Although some were successfully apprehended, being taken by surprise, most of his comrades put up resistance and chose to die warrior deaths. Acerbus of course fought along side his comrades, but it was evident the fate of Noctem was all but sealed. Rather than die a pointless death, he chose to live to fight another day. With his skills and knowledge of the hideout, he was easily able to escape the fray to make his way to safety.

At this point, Acerbus had nowhere left to go. He had nothing except a burning hatred for Britannia and Japan left. They were the ones that caused this. Although the war coming to an end might have been profitable at first, it wasn't worth losing his entire family. If Japan had just quieted down and learned its place in the grand scheme of things, he'd likely still be with his comrades. Britannia killing and detaining all of his former group certainly earned itself a spot on his shit list too.

Acerbus couldn't exactly live a normal life. All he knew was how to fight and kill; that was all he had been taught. What better way to utilize these skills than joining the ones fighting against Britannia and Japan at the forefront? That was what he decided to do. The Britannian Restoration League was a field where his skills could truly blossom. On the battlefield he had earned a great deal of respect from his fellow soldiers, many saying he fought with the ferocity of two men. It seemed the high brass had caught wind of his feats too. In a mere five years time he had risen through the ranks and made his way to becoming the leader of Black Squadron.

Once again, Acerbus developed a bond with his newfound comrades. Like him, they all possessed a hatred for the Britannia that ripped everything away from him and sought to change the world back to the way it used to be. Acerbus was positive that their leader would be the one to do this.


Strategic Planning
Being the leader of Black Squad means that Acerbus at least has some understanding of the concept of the concept of strategy. While nowhere near as talented as their leader in this field, he does possess the ability to lead his followers to victory on the field of battle.

Hand-to-Hand Combat
Hand to hand combat is most definitely Acerbus's greatest skill. He is a master of several types of martial arts and often spends his free time studying new fighting techniques. His proficiency for fighting is only bolstered by his muscular physique.

Semi-Advanced Firearm Usage
The one thing Acerbus did struggle with was the use of fire arms. Despite this, he did manage to excel at it to some extent. He is by no means the best shot, but one would be hard-pressed to say he has no talent at this field.

Acerbus has an intense love for all types of blades, ranging from daggers to throwing knives to even full-sized blades. He is an extremely accurate shot with throwing knives, far better than he actually is with a gun. In addition to his unarmed combat training, he has additional training with knives stapled on. At the current moment, he is mastering the art of the Katana.

Knightmare Frame Piloting
Knightmare frame piloting is far from Acerbus's specialty. Honestly speaking, his skill in the area is only average at best.


Military Background

Affiliation: Britannian Restoration League

Title: Black Squad Leader

Knightmare Frame: Gekka BRL Type

Out of Character

Out of Character Account:
Feb 23 2017, 04:55 AM
Name: LK-01 Seraphim

Frame Type: Mixed-Ranged


Yggdrasil Drive
Energy Filler
Cockpit ejection system
Energy Wing Propulsion system
2 Shoulder-mounted Factsphere Sensors
4 Shoulder-mounted Solar Panels
2 Leg-mounted Solar Panels
Luminous Energy/Storage System

Wrist/Hip Mounted Shock Harkens (Harken Booster Equipped) (x4) - Similar to a normal slash harken, albeit one major difference. Unlike the normal slash harken, shock harkens have an amplifier built in at the base harken slots. The amplifier is connected through a system of wires directly to the core luminous. Shock harkens take energy directly from the core luminous and use an amplifier to augment the amount of voltage travelling through it. When shock harkens are fired and come into contact with anything solid, the press of a button will send a flow of voltage originating from the core luminous to travel up an amplifier and through the harken cables to the harken itself sending massive amounts of eletric current. Depending on the amount of energy sent, the results can range anywhere from harming the enemy pilot to short-circuiting or destroying enemy knightmare frames.

Luminous Cannons (x4) - This is a new experimental weapon developed by Sensatus Labs. The Luminous cannon works by having six rather small and concealed but powerful shoulder-mounted solar panels open up and absorb light photons from the sun and surounding area. While absorbing the light, it uses energy from the core luminous to condense the light photons. This condensed light energy is routed down a conductor towards the hands of the the Knightmare frame when it reaches a circular outlet which acts as a release port located on the palm. Out of this palm, the condensed light photons are released as a super concussive white beam of energy. Although its power has not been accurately measure yet, it likely to be slightly more powerful than a standard Hadron canon.

An interesting design of the cannons is that the beams of both hands can be converged together to create one powerful beam, roughly as powerful as that of a Stark Hadron cannon. This however, does deplete the energy of the machine quite a bit and has a bit of a recharge time as it must gather quite a large amount of solar energy to fire off additional times. To fire off the full power of the Luminous cannon using both hands, all six solar panels must be used in conjunction - thus it is cut off from any other abilities while charging the attack. A key sign that this ability is being used is that the machine will radiate wildly with an exremely bright golden pulse while energy is being gathered.

There are two other release ports on the soles of the Knightmare frames feet, along with two solar panels on the legs of the machine. These release ports have a far weaker energy line running to them and release much less potent bursts of energy as a result. As a result, instead of releasing energy blasts, their primary purpose is to be used in conjunction with photon manipulators to coat the feet of the Knightmare frame in super condensed photons. When this is achieved, small blade like streaks of light are formed at the feet whenever the legs of the machine are moved. These two things together augment the kicking ability of the knightmare as well as give the kicks piercing/cutting potential with its pseudo-blade.

Photon Manipulators(x4) - At the release ports of the Luminous cannons are manipulators that actively manipulate and stabilize the photons around the energy release ports to serve different purpose. One such purpose is the ability to form a rather large, rectangular, defensive barrier of condensed light in front of the Knightmare when it holds out its palm in firing position. This barrier is dubbed the "Stardust Shield." The photons forming the Stardust shield can then be dissolved and fired forward one by one at a rapid pace, quite similar in function to the energy wing beams of the Lancelot Albion. This shield can also be manifested over the forearm of the machine as if the Knightmare were actually wielding a shield. If both hands are focused on forming the Stardust shield at the same time, it can even form a more powerful, spherical barrier that engulfs the machine; this much larger barrier can fire out mass amounts of photon beams in the same way as the one-handed version, albeit with a much larger scope of direction. Unfortunately, to use the complete spherical barrier, all six solar panels and all four energy release ports must be used in conjunction. Therefore, the Seraphim is unable to use any other photon-based moves during this period.

The second ability the Photon Manipulators possess is to be able to coat the hands and feet of the release ports in condensed photon energy in order to augment the punching/kicking power. When this ability is active, the active parts of the machine will be bathed in a golden-white glow. As mentioned prior, the Photon Manipulators are what gives the feet of the Knightmare the blade-like cutting potential with every kick.

The final ability is largely unstable: the ability to manipulate photons in order to form a blade made of condensed light. This blade can extend anywhere from the size of a large dagger up to twelve-meters long and can reach its max length in a mere instant. As it is essentially a Luminous Cannon beam compressed into a blade of light, the blade has an extremely high piercing capability and its cutting power surpasses even that of the Luminous Blade in its stage II state. Unfortunately, it seems the longer the blade extends, the more energy-draining and unstable it becomes. The blade's adjustable length was designed with quite the cruel intention: suprising enemy knightmare frame pilots by piercing their machine's cockpit to directly attack them. This make-shift sword is dubbed the "Stardust Blade."

Luminous Blade (x2) - A sword seemingly similar in appearance to a large golden-colored MVS upon first glance, but quite different in function upon further observation. The Luminous blade has a thin layer of high-temperature condensed photons oscillating around it at super high speeds to give it its cutting capability. As such, it naturally glows with a faint luminous pulse.

When used in conjunction with the Luminous system, the blade can enter its second stage. Stage II is achieved by absorbing additional super condensed photons from the energy release ports, essentially giving it a second, thicker coating of light. The more photon energy the blade is holding, the brighter it becomes. When the blade reaches its limit, it will pulse with a radiant white glow. The blade can be swung forward to unleash all of the pent up power in one massive wave of photon energy. Although this wave is stronger than that of a beam of energy from the Luminous Cannon, it has a small cool down between usage which curtails its effectiveness.

As a secondary purpose, the additional layer of condensed photons can be stored on the blade instead of being released as a wave of energy. This new coating will rapidly heat up the blade's temperature and power, severely augmenting the blades cutting capability along with the durability of the blade until the built up energy is released. In this state the blade can overwhelm even the highest performance MVS blades. The two blades can be fused together into one much larger blade, but it seems this does not increase the capabilities of the blades much, if at all. This combined state is the resting version of the blade.

Luminous Rifle (x1) - A small assault rifle that when combined with the Luminous system fires off rapid shots of weaker photon blasts. Much like the Luminous blade, this machine is equipped to accept energy transfer through the release ports.

Luminous Storage System - The Luminous Storage System is essentially a battery of light for the knightmare. Based on the same principle of the Luminous Blade, the Luminous Storage System can hold a large amount of condensed lights photons although they gradually deplete over time. This storage system is extremely unstable and must be kept out of the way of physical harm, thus it is located in the inner cavity of the Knightmare, stored near the Yggdrasil Drive. The Luminous Storage system is used solely for combat in low light levels such as night. As a precaution, this storage system is only activated in when there is a surety of forthcoming low-light combat, so there is rarely energy stored within it.

Wing Mounted Blaze Luminous MSV Particle Shields

Wrist Mounted Rocket Launcher (x1)

Elbow Mounted Needle Blazers (x2)


The Seraphim was developed Lumen and Thomas during their time together. Unfortunately, Thomas met his end before the machine was finished. Not wanting to abandon his father's final work, Lumen finished it on his own. From a distance, the frame's appearance is vaguely reminescent of that of the vincent and lancelot. Up close, it is entirely a different story. In addition to tech, a great deal of design went into the machine. It is bathed with gold, white and blue colors and garnishes several tags with latin writing on it across the shoulders. It is further encrusted with gems and other ornaments. The most interesting trait of the machine is the many-feathered energy wings it possesses, greatly reminiscent to that of angelic wings; it does seem the number of feathers the energy wings possess can be switched, although it does nothing to alter its performance. A bit on the gaudy side, it even has a toggle-able halo formed out of photon energy. Interestingly enough, the Seraphim has built in-air conditioning and heat, along with high-quality leather seating.

Unlike most higher echelon knightmare frames, the Seraphim is completely devoid of any hadron cannon systems, although it does use more common weapons such as the Needle Blazer and a Rocket Launcher. Though it may lack the hadron cannon, the Seraphim is unique in the fact that it is the one of only two knightmare frames designed to incorporate photon energy into its offensive capabilities. As a side affect, all of its Blaze Luminous system components, including its energy wings, are a radiant shade of white-gold.

Being a bit of a mixed breed, the Seraphim is fully capable of going it in close combat or long-ranged combat. By knightmare standards the Seraphim is slightly taller than most at 5.02 meters. It's fairly light in weight relative to it's size, weighing in at a mere 4.93 metric tons as opposed to the smaller but nearly 7 metric ton Vincent. As such, the Seraphim relies on speed as opposed to heavy armor. That being said, it's defense isn't crippling by any means. Regardless, the Seraphim is slightly closer to being a long-ranged fighter than a close-ranged one, as the Luminous Cannon was designed primarily for long ranged attacks. The Luminous Blade serves as a jack-of-trades being a close-combat ready sword, as well as a devastating long ranged weapon with it's ability to literally send waves of condensed light across the sky at foes.

As a side effect of most of its systems utilizing outside solar energy as opposed to the core Luminous, the Seraphim is extremely energy efficient and can be used for far longer periods than most Knightmares of its class, given there is ample energy provided to make use of the Luminous System. The Knightmare frame does seem to have a limited ability to bend light out side of actual combat use, able to illuminate itself to the point where staring at it head on becomes quite blinding to the eyes, and can even manifest objects made of light. These objects are not physical constructs and thus cannot be used in combat.
Feb 7 2017, 08:27 PM
If your character had a theme, what would it be? Please submit serious themes only.

Feb 6 2017, 05:44 PM
Julius stared the bespectacled man in front of him down. It was Lumen again, apparently here to report his success in Modnar city with the assassination of a drug lord connected to the BRL. It was unfortunate that more blood had to be shed for the cause, but sacrifices were to be necessary.

"Major Sensatus, I trust everything has gone well with your mission in Pendragon."

"Indeed Sir, I've successfully eliminated the target as requested. Regrettably, I had to take the lives of two extra affiliates. I've already documented my mistake in the report I gave you. Please do forgive me for my remiss behavior."

Even if the boy at hand was talented liar, Julius could see through his ruse plain as day. Lumen had no regrets at all over what he did. Although the other members of Inquisitor were coldblooded and connate killers, Lumen was different; he seemed to relish in killing the enemy. The only thing he needed was a small enough reason to spill blood. It didn't matter if the victim had only but the slightest of connections to the BRL, that seemed to be reason enough for him.

"In the report it stated they were underlings of Mr. Ray, so they did have their ties to the BRL in one way or another. That said, their lives didn't need to be taken. Naturally, I assume you feel great shame over your actions so I'll let that stand as punishment alone."

"Thank you, sir. I assure you, I will not let my own personal shortcomings endanger the lives of others in the future. That said, I have another matter at hand I wish to discuss. During my mission, I met a man who I believe is more than qualified to become a member of Inquisitor. Although unintentional, he helped me with my mission."

Julius wanted to bite his lip and scream at the mere prospect of seeing a man Lumen of all people had recommended. Although most of the time Lumen was a prim and proper member of Inqusitor, the fact remained that his true intentions nor his fealty could be easily discerned. Furthermore, his willingness to perform the jobs requested of him was disgusting. Those facts alone made him less than itching for a chance to recruit somebody he had offered up.

"Is that so? Bring this man in. I'd like the opportunity of getting to see for myself whether he is Inquisitor material. I'm certain you wouldn't bring in anybody that would cause problems for us later down the line."

A slight grin crept across Julius's face as he continued speaking once more,"Tell me, have you ever heard about the large string of serial killings that happened along the eastern coast of Britannia over the last three years. Oddly enough, all of the victims had ties to the BRL in one way or another. Apparently the case is in the process of being closed because there is no evidence to connect it to anyone in particular. You're from the East coast, aren't you? I believe the killings ended around the same time I met you. I was figuring somebody as smart as you might have your own leads, seeing as you take great interest in the enemy."

"Unfortunately I do not, sir."

"Unfortunate indeed. It's of no importance, so let's drop that conversation. Bring the man in you summoned."

Although Julius had no way to pin it on Lumen, he had a sneaking suspicion that Lumen was involved somehow. The murders had stopped near the same time Lumen became a member of Inquisitor. The man's intense hatred of the BRL could be used as a testament to his guilt as well. In any case, Julius didn't have the slightest intentions of doing his own investigation - as long as Lumen was still needed of course. For now, it would just serve as a way of keeping the man in line be it that he tried to overstep his boundaries.
Feb 6 2017, 04:20 PM
I'm bored, so I figured we could give out character stats for our chars. I don't know lol, just something to do. The ratings would go as follow.

S: Outstanding
A: Excellent
B: Above Average
C: Average
D: Below Average
E: Horrible

[B]Physical Ability:[/B]
[B]Combat Ability:[/B]
[B]Knightmare Frame Ability:[/B]
[B]Firearms Proficiency:[/B]
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