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Rowan Keith

Britannian Military

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Jan 26 2017, 09:11 PM
Personal Information

Name: Rowan A. Keith

Alias/Nickname: N/A

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Nationality: Britannian

Family: Rowan Keith is the only son of Abagail & Cyril Keith.

Occupation: Rowan's current occupation is an infantry/soldier of the Holy Britannian military. He is stationed within Britannia waiting for his orders to be sent to aid in the fight against the BRL. However, the Britannian government currently does not wish to tarnish their newly found reputation as it would cause much conflict.
Typically you can find Rowan working on his physical strength & techniques as a preparation for combat. Every so often you can find him taking Knightmare frame training courses to acquire & develop enhanced skill.


Appearance: Rowan is only a mere five-foot-nine with a short buzz-cut and greyish-brown hair. He has an odd shade of eye color which is a reddish-brown mix. He has an oval-shaped jaw-line with a ducktail beard to accompany his buzz-cut hair style. From a distance, he looks rugged as if he had been a relic from the past, wearing what was his fathers frayed Britannian military uniform.

The uniform consists of a retro style look compared to the most recent Britannian uniforms. The swallow-tailed dress coat is composed of a red with a gold and black colored trim. His outfit also includes ivory dress pants and a pair of onyx gloves. Rowan typically wears combat-styled boots but on occasion dress shoes-both are onyx in color.

Generally, you will never see him in regular "civilian" clothes unless it is a special occasion due to his strong beliefs.Rowan also has a heavily-built physical appearance even though he doesn't have an enormous stature. He physical strength compensates him for his lack of height.

Personality: Rowan's personality is tremendously asperous in nature. For the most of his life, he was exceptionally motivated towards his goals of becoming a Knight. Rowan had become greatly inspired by his father's loyalty, as a result Rowan has a high amount of dedication to Britannia and its remaining Royal Family. He has an extremely high determination to surpass his father's legacy, meaning he is willing to do what is needed to get any task completed.

History: Rowan grew up the only child of Abagail and Cyril Keith. From an early age, he was taught loyalty to the Homeland of Britannia. His father was a Knight of the Imperial palace. As the family did not live in Pendragon, his father had always been away from home due to his duties.

Rowan was regaled by the tales of his father's loyalty to the Britannian royal family. He aspired to become a Knight like his father or even one far greater. Rowan's goals were to serve Britannia and the Royal family just as his father had. He wanted to attain the respect and honor his father had acquired as a Knight.

His father had changed after Lelouch was crowned the new emperor; he became ruthless and it was like the only thing that mattered was loyalty to Lelouch. His father was no longer the kind-hearted man who he once was. Rowan became inspired by his father's new loyalty to Lelouch and his ideals. He was in awe by the loyalty his father had even though the Emperor had changed.

Rowan's father had been killed when he was only eight years old. Rowan was devastated but at the same time felt his father had failed his duties. His mother had become ill a few months before the destruction of the Pendragon. Rowan's mother had passed away from her illness a few weeks after his father had passed. His mother no longer had the will to survive; she left Rowan alone in the world.

Rowan was adopted by a nobleman of Britannia who was highly wealthy. Rowan's father had always been mocked by the nobleman calling him a coward and a failure to Britannia. The nobleman often said that Cyril failed Britannia when he became loyal to Lelouch. Rowan had resented the nobleman always wondering why he had adopted him. He later discovered when he was older that he was only adopted as a power gain for the nobleman as Rowan was from a higher status family.

For the rest of his childhood, Rowan took mixed martial arts to prepare himself to become a Knight. He learned multiple styles of fighting techniques that would create who he is. At long last Rowan had turned the age of eight-teen; he was finally able to join the Britannian military. His life-long goal was going to come true; he was following in his father's footsteps. He was going to prove his worth through hard work, dedication, and above all, loyalty.
This is where his journey begins...

Skills: Rowan has a remarkable set of combat techniques. He learned kick-boxing and greek-styled wrestling from his preservation as a child. He has an average intelligence but his physique compensates for his lack of intelligence. Even though Knightmare frames are not his forte he is able to pilot one if needed when the time comes. He is learning through the Britannian military how to obtain the skills needed to master a Knightmare Frame.

Other Tidbits: Rowan is only interested in what it takes to achieve his goals of becoming Knight.

Geass: N/A

Military Background

Affiliation: Britannian Military

Rank: Recruit


Knightmare Frame:

Out of Character

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