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Rebecca Buchanan


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Mar 7 2017, 01:04 PM
"I can't be late on my first day! I have to make a good impression!"

A flock of birds flew high into the air, spooked by the blur of blue that had just shot by them. It was only Rebecca Buchanan, her uniform not on properly, and her hair still a mess from bed. Her alarm clock had seemed to finally give out on the first morning of classes. She had planned on waking up a little earlier so she could navigate the hallways more easily, but now that was out of the question. Not to mention, being early would have put her in the good graces of her teachers. If there was one way to describe accurately Becca, it would be a good two-shoes. She herself was aware, and had accepted this fact. Better to be that than some class ditching delinquent.

Once the main building was in her sight, she paused to catch her breath. She hadn't realized just how far she'd been running. Finally adjusting her uniform properly, she once again slung her bag over her shoulder and strolled coolly toward the crowd of students. A few giggles could be heard from beside her, causing Becca to turn her head toward the source. A group of Japanese girls were pointing at her hair and giggling to themselves. Becca could feel her face growing redder and redder with anger.

They have the nerve to laugh at me? At ME?! Have they looked in the mirror?! I didn't, and i still am at least ten times prettier than they are. I-I shouldn't bother... I can't make a bad impression on my first day. Nope. No sirree.

Forcing the most plastic smile she could form, Becca grinned at the girls and smoothed out her flyaways. The girls quickly shuffled on ahead, catching onto the building tension in the air. Her grin shifted to that of a smug one, feeling she had won the battle. Or at least, for the time being. Just up ahead, it looked like the teachers were allowing the final bunch of students in before locking the gates shut.

"OH NO YOU DON'T! A BUCHANAN IS NEVER TARDY!" she screeched, making a full sprint toward the gates and shoving aside anyone in her way.

She was almost home free, she could taste it. That was, until she collided with a student's back, throwing her right on her butt. Her rage from earlier had been renewed, and this student was going to have to be the target.

"HEY NOW! Why would you just stand there in the way? Can't you see the gates are gonna be closed any moment now?!" she quizzed, not realizing how much more time and breath she was wasting.
Mar 6 2017, 07:59 PM
Personal Information

Name: Rebecca Annalise Buchanan

Alias/Nickname: "Becca"

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Nationality: Britannian

Family: Rias D. Buchanan - Father
Irene Buchanan - Mother

Occupation: Student


Appearance: Standing at a mere 5'2", Rebecca was often the shortest in her class. Her skin is fair, and her figure is slightly on the curvier side compared to those of her peers. She shares the same hair color as her mother: A soft shade of aqua. It's regularly kept cut into a curly, long styled A line bob. Her eyes are deep hue of emerald, just like her father's.

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Personality: Outspoken, extroverted, and not timid of making new friends, Rebecca has always enjoyed being in the center of a crowd. Due to her father's harsh opinions toward the Japanese and her father's nonstop doting, she has always felt superior to others. However, if she considers you a dear friend, there isn't anything she wouldn't do to help that person. She is often easily impressed and very curious of the foreign.

History: Rebecca Buchanan was born into a strict military family. Her father, General Rias D. Buchanan served in the Britannian Military with pride. Her mother, Irene was a chef serving her duty in the same as her soon to be husband. Their meeting was inevitable, and once it happened, it was pretty much love at first sight. Once Irene had finished her service, the couple settled into a fairly large residence in the homeland. Irene gave birth to Rebecca soon after, her only child. Rebecca grew up with unconditional love from both parents, but always felt she was being kept on a tight leash. Everything from her clothes, to who she was allowed to socialize with was decided by her parents. Her father had even given her lessons in hand to hand combat as she grew up, hoping she would one day follow in his footsteps and serve Britannia with pride. Even so, she had no resentment for her parents, feeling they were only doing what they felt was best for her. As time progressed, she was essentially brainwashed into agreeing with her family's ideals: Those who aren't pure blooded Britannian are inferior and shouldn't be associated with.

Excelling in school with ease, exuding an aura of both confidence and arrogance, Rebecca quickly made friends at school and considered herself to be one of the popular kids throughout the entirety of her childhood. Living ignorantly left her in bliss. The world's events around her didn't concern her, so why should she bother with mundane affairs? She continued on with this way of thinking even long after the death of Emperor Lelouch. Her father, being very patriotic about his homeland, couldn't accept the change that followed. So when he heard that a resistance force was working to return Britannia to its former glory, Rias had been eager to hop on board. Time progressed, and the BRL grew in strength. Becca wondered if she too would be dragged in to fight along side her father.

Much to her surprise, her family decided it would be best to send her to the USJ to attend the prestigious Ashford Academy. Why were her parents telling her to suddenly to live and learn beside the very people they had convinced her were inferior. While her parents agreed to a certain extent, they set aside their differences when it came to their daughter's future. Or at least that was what they had told her. In reality, Rias had sent his own daughter there to gather intel on the academy based on claims that there had been soldiers among the students there. He felt that if she could befriend them, he could possibly have her extract information for him. Not telling her of his plans, he sent her off with the same cheerful grin he had always shown her.

With that, she was tossed across the sea into a foreign land. Her future, or at least in her eyes, seemed uncertain...

Skills: Book smart, and a very fast learner. Some hand to hand combat skills learned from her father.

Other Tidbits: She can steel ur ddy reel quik.

Geass: N/A

Military Background

Affiliation: N/A

Rank: N/A

Title: N/A

Knightmare Frame: N/A

Out of Character

Out of Character Account: Boonneh
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