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Chase LeRouge

Britannian Military

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Jan 30 2017, 11:47 AM
Easy does it, Chase. No point dying after having come this far…

Chase wiped the sweat from his brow, took a deep breath and kept his shaky hands steadily on the controls of his Vincent Sky. The Britannian Military’s base wasn’t far from his present location. So long as he continued to stay away from any trouble, he estimated he could get there, drop off his ‘cargo’ and return in time to help Reid, Lumen and the rest of his allies back in Paris. The ongoing battle appeared to be a stalemate thus far. The second he could, he intended to turn the tide in his side’s favor and stop all this needless bloodshed.

But first things first! How we doing back there, ladies? Nice and comfortable I hope?

He leered behind him, warmly smiling at the handcuffed pair of Britannian Restoration League soldiers in his midst. Dragging them back to base was a pain sure, but Chase found it hard to complain being in the presence of two beautiful women. Then again, one of them seemed like she was ready to rip the head off the next individual unfortunate enough to step in her path. The other, meanwhile, had been shot in the only flesh and blood arm she had left. Chase tended to the wound to the best of his ability, removing the bullet, cleaning and even dressing it. He was no doctor, however, meaning he desired to get her to a real one as soon as possible.

...Look, I’ve been meaning to ask you two something,” he said in the most casual tone he could think of. “Why are you two with the BRL anyway? You know they’re the bad guys, right? I get there are a lot of Britannians out there who are upset with how things turned out way back in the day, but...don’t you think it was for the better? Rather than being a country and people that are hated, we should be the ones defending the weak and innocent! Going back to our old ways won’t benefit anyone! While I don’t fully agree on how Zero and the Black Knights went about getting Japan back, they at least had good intentions. How about you guys, huh? You just want to make things miserable for everyone again just to sate your own selfish egos.

Chase shook his head and sighed. He really didn’t see the point of it all. Now wasn’t the time to argue over ideals, however. His radio came to life, picking up an unfamiliar voice. Anyone with half a brain could tell the woman speaking wasn’t anyone on the Britannian Military’s side. She was making demands, and they included the location of a certain Knightmare carrying two particular individuals.

Oh, shit! She’s talking about us, isn’t she?! Doesn’t that means she’s back with Legato and Lumen…?

He wasn’t sure who the girl threatened to shoot was or if her claim about strapping bombs to civilians was true. Regardless, Chase found himself in a conundrum. If the terrorist really was threatening Reid and Lumen, he needed to go back for sure and save them. Still, he couldn’t just give into their demands and hand the BRL operatives over. He would be the laughing stock of the Britannian Military. The worry eating at him showed on his face, distracting him from his piloting and his surroundings.

Just what the hell is going on?!
May 29 2016, 03:32 AM
There were two places Chase wanted to see during his trip to Shinjuku.

The first was a mural commemorating those that died during the Battle of Shinjuku, the skirmish where the a Japanese resistance group that would soon form to become the Black Knights took on Britannian knights under the command of then-Viceroy Clovis la Britannia. That so happened to be the first appearance of Zero, and he led the seemingly mismatched Japanese forces to a victory against Britannia. Back then, it was no doubt seen as great shame on Britannia's part, but nowadays, the efforts of those Japanese soldiers is applauded. That was merely the first time they were able to prove to the Holy Britannian Empire that they weren't going to sick back and allow their country to be ruled by tyrants.

The second sight on Chase's agenda—and the first place he decided to go—was the Shinjuku Knightmare Frame museum. Per its name, it housed a plethora of Knightmares, mostly older models used during the Black Rebellion. The number included Japanese, Britannian, and even European Union units. Though he hardly considered himself some kind of mech freak, Chase didn't see the harm in checking out what the soldiers before him used on the front lines.

Huh? How about that?” he said, snapping a picture with his cell phone of a purple Knightmare held in a glass case that towered above him and everyone else inside the museum. “So that's a Gloucester, huh? Supposedly, Cornelia li Britannia used to pilot one of these. I heard she was one hell of a pilot. You know, the old monarchy might get a lot of flack, but you have to give them props for being personally apart of all the action. Cornelia was a high ranking member of the military feared far and wide by her enemies, Clovis was Viceroy when this place was still Area 11, and even Euphemia dabbled with the politics of this country and tried to make things better for the Japanese. Of course, you can't forget about Schneizel el Britannia, who nearly conquered the European Union on his own.

Chase stopped and chuckled. Somewhere along the line, he had gotten off topic. He hadn't brought Reid all the way to Shinjuku to bore him with talk of princes and princesses. Turning back to the Gloucester, he had a hard time believing it could even move, let alone take on other Knightmare Frames. He felt spoiled by how far technology had advanced. The Knightmares of this day and age were truly a spectacle behold. There was no doubt in his mind that one of them would've been able to take down a whole platoon of the ones active during the Black Rebellion.

Anyway, Legato, I wanted to come here to try and experience some of the past. All these dusty Knightmares might not have seen action in a long time, but they're one of the few reminders how rough things were here in Japan. ...Area 11. I always thought it was rather cruel to rename a country and it's people after a number. It's...dehumanizing. Yeah, things back in the day sucked for sure, but I'm glad places like this exist. Maybe there's some people who hate being reminded of the past, and I can't blame them, but not me. Museums like these are around to remind us not to repeat the mistakes of the past. You following me, Legato?

Chase aimed his phone at a red Glasgow, a Fourth Generation Knightmare Frame used by Britannia. This particular one was beat up to hell, indicating it had seen more action than most of the units housed there.

That one was said to have been used by none other than Kallen Kozuki! Man, that chick is so hot! I'd give my left toe to be able to meet her! Oh, she was one hell of a pilot too from what I've heard! Hard to believe she was only a high school student when she fought Britannia during the Black Rebellion. Then again, it seems like lots of kids that were around her age are taking up arms. Heh. I guess you're one of 'em, Legato. It's kinda nice to see our generation stepping up to protect the world, but at the same time it...kinda sucks. You'd never knew the Black Knights saved anyone from how the Britannian Restoration League acts. Everyone thought Zero and his crew were pests back in the day. It's like they just passed the torch onto the BRL. What happens even if we do take them down? Another group might just take their place. Sheesh. Thinking about it is kinda depressing, huh?

Frowning, Chase whipped around to a damaged Burai said to have been piloted by Zero himself at one time or another. He quickly snapped another picture.

Well, I guess there isn't any point in complaining. Even if another group does rear its ugly head, we'll be there to stop them!
May 25 2016, 01:32 AM
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May 23 2016, 05:02 PM
Personal Information

Name: Chase Daniel LeRouge

Alias/Nickname: N/A

Gender: Male

Age: 20; born June 17, 2008 a.t.b.

Nationality: Britannian

Family: Reginald LeRouge (Father)
Eurydice LeRouge (Mother)
Nathan LeRouge (Oldest Brother)
Ulysses LeRouge (Second Oldest Brother)
Melody LeRouge (Oldest Sister)
Constance LeRouge (Second Oldest Sister)
Jennifer LeRouge (Youngest Sister)

Occupation: Soldier


Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Personality: The first thing people note about Chase upon meeting him is how friendly he is. No matter their background, upbringing, or personality, he goes out of his way to speak with them as if they were lifelong pals. Taking this into account, most consider him someone who never takes anything seriously. This is true to a certain respect; it takes quite a lot to upset Chase, and he's usually seen with a goofy smile on his face. He's also a wise cracker, quick to try and make someone laugh or just generally brighten the mood. He certainly wouldn't fit most people's description of a soldier, and his behavior often gets him in hot water with his superiors.

Despite all this, he knows when to get serious when duty calls. He has immense pride in his country and as a member of the Britannian Military, so he would never do anything to embarrass either on purpose. He's also loyal to a fault, willing to take a bullet for an ally if left with no other choice. He prefers showing restrain when faced with a enemy, whoever, and doesn't enjoy the prospect of taking a life unless absolutely necessary.

History: The name 'LeRouge' wasn't one that ever got heads turning. Though being an old Britannian family, the LeRouges never held any status or titles when the monarchy was still up and running. Indeed, they had always been common folk who were perfectly fine with their common lives. The most any of them had done that would qualify as interesting was join the military, but even then, their feats were never spectacular or noteworthy. Even their stance on the war between Britannia and the Black Knights was average. They chose not to pick a side, seeing no reason too. The LeRouges had no issues with the Number nor their own people, so they realized the outcome of the Black Rebellion would have no effect on their family.

If anything did get the LeRouges notoriety in their community, it was them being disliked for tolerating Elevens as much as they did. They were always willing to lend them a hand, and the males of the LeRouge family once even went on a goodwill mission to Area 11 during the war, dispersing food, medical supplies, and anything else of aid, despite the family's struggles with money. Some of their more 'patriotic' neighbors labeled them as traitors soon after. The LeRouges wore this as a sort of badge of honor.

Chase LeRouge was the third out of six children, three boys and three girls. Like everything else having to do with the name LeRouge, his birth proceeded without much fanfare. His mother was a dentist, while his father was a shoe salesman. The two did the best to support their children despite their meager wages, and Chase learned the value of humility at a very early age. He didn't have it as easy as the sons and a daughters of nobleman, something his parents would constantly remind him. So, he had to work for everything he accomplished. Despite his peers having access to world renown tutors, he always achieved the best grades in his class through sheer effort and willpower. He was Captain of his school's basketball team, crowed King at his high school prom, and received letters of enrollment from universities around the globe. Still, he never meshed well with the others students. They saw him as an outsider, someone with no money and no status in society in spite of his achievements. 'Scum' if you will. Such chatter bothered him to a certain extent, yet he always kept his family's values at heart.

Unlike most in his family, the events of the Black Rebellion always bothered him. He had love for his country without a doubt, yet he couldn't understand why they insisted on conquering nation after nation. The role of the strong should have been to protect the weak in his opinion, not force them into submission. Perhaps this mindset was why he was so happy when the Black Knights actually prevailed over Emperor Lelouch vi Britannian. With his death came sweeping reforms across the globe. The Holy Britannian Empire became the democratic United of Britannia, and the Japanese people at long last got their country back. The very same people who shunned the LeRouges were now the ones being persecuted for their bigotry. It was poetic justice, Chase thought at the time.

The first thing Chase did when he was of age and after he finished his schooling was enroll in the Britannian Military against the wishes of his parents. He long since had his mind made up, however. Thanks to their sins of the past, people these days frowned on the mighty noble army of Britannia. He would do whatever it took to change this image and convince the world Britannia was still a force to be reckon with, although it would be a force for good this time around. Of course, that wasn't to discount the presence of the Britannian Restoration League swaying Chase's decision. They were nothing more than a painful reminder of the past, one that needed to be stopped at all cost.

Hand-to-Hand Combat
Being a fresh recruit from the Kururugi Military Academy, Chase was taught a number of fighting styles to help defend himself if he ever found himself unarmed during a battle. However, with his lanky frame, he admits that he isn't the best fighter and would prefer to settle things within his Knightmare.

Knightmare Frame Piloting
During his training with the Britannian Military, Chase had some of the highest recorded scores ever when using the Knightmare Frame simulator. He prefers close range Knightmares that enable him to get down and dirty with a foe.

Other Tidbits: -Lactose Intolerant, so avoids dairy products at all cost unless it's cream in his coffee.
-Allergic to bee stings. Nearly died from one when he was younger.
-His goal is to one day become the Knight of One.
-He's a huge fan of Jeremiah Gottwald and his unbridled loyalty.

Geass: N/A

Military Background

Affiliation: Britannian Military

Rank: Private

Title: N/A

Knightmare Frame: Vincent Sky

Out of Character

Out of Character Account: DiamondDust
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