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Reid Legato


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Mar 19 2017, 02:06 PM
Time had flown by surprisingly fast for Reid Legato. It had already been roughly a week since he had been captured by the BRL forces and found himself under the care of Luna. In that time his leg had begun to heal quite impressively. He wasn't able to achieve full range of motion or stay on it for long periods of time but he had progressed to the point in which he could move around the lab by holding himself up with his surrounding surfaces. It wasn't as if the BRL had any intention of helping him so Reid had become his own physical therapist. Hopefully he'd be back to having the full use of his leg by the end of the month.

While he still had the desire of leaving the BRL's clutches the need was not as pressing as it would have been had anyone other than Luna been his captor. The girl had actually been quite pleasant to be around and Reid wondered if perhaps this were just part of some long con to keep him at ease. If it was then it had certainly been working. Most of their days were spent together with Luna achieving her daily tasks and Reid doing anything to keep himself busy. He had taken to looking over the files that the BRL had amassed on the Britannian Military's armaments; surprised that they had managed to get such a comprehensive analysis of the force. If Reid had to guess he'd assume that they had to have had spies in most of the offices back in the mainland; maybe even a few within the royal house itself. He hadn't caused much trouble and as long as he didn't attempt to leave the confines of her lab Luna seemed to allow Reid whatever freedom he desired.

Thus far there was no way for Reid to tell if anyone from the BM was currently looking for him and he didn't dare attempt to reach out and contact them in the state he was currently in. Acting now while he was still considerably weak would only put himself in immediate danger as well as shout out to the entire BRL where the BM forces and base he could contact were located. No, he'd have to wait until he'd be able to defend himself, maybe steal a knightmare and get the hell out of there. He had committed the path to the hanger Luna had taken him to into his memory. He'd be able to reach it when the time came. All these plans stayed locked away safely in his mind though.

On this particular day Luna sat at her computer while sipping her coffee. Reid had poured himself a cup and hobbled his way behind her, the pleasing fragrance that she seemed to wear everyday wafting its way across the room. Reid couldn't put his finger on it but it seemed as though Luna had really been wearing a lot more of it lately. The scent was near overpowering but still rather nice on the whole.

Taking a sip from his cup Reid then asked "Any new developments on the frames today? I know you had a lot of the other scientists running some tests on them. It seems you all have had a relatively long time to get some work done around here. Although, it seems like most of these people couldn't be of any use to you. I'm surprised you aren't down there seeing to the frames yourself."

If there was one thing Reid had noted about his time here it was that Luna was by far and away the best scientist within this BRL facility: perhaps even in the entirety of the BRL. She seemed to be the driving force behind their technology with everyone else serving as mere hands to aid her endeavors. Perhaps she was some form of head scientist? Maybe the leader of its sector or something. Reid hadn't quite pieced together the structure of the BRL organization yet. He was using his time while captive to learn as much about the BRL as he could.
Feb 6 2017, 06:30 PM
The whir and whining of gears and machinery being brought to life caused the unconscious Reid Legato to stir. As he groggily shook his head the first thing he thought was Ugh, where am I? God, feels like I was hit by a train.”

It was only the new sounds of his surroundings that alerted him to the fact that he was no longer on the battlefield. As he frantically looked around for some kind of answers it appeared that he was now in some type of laboratory. In fact, he was now seated in a bed similar to one that would be found in an infirmary. The room’s dim lights cast shadows over various machines and tables littered with papers and experiments. Before Reid could examine his surroundings he looked down at the leg he was shot in and noted that the scrap of cloth he had hastily wrapped around the wound was now replaced with a proper bandage, his wound fully cleaned as well. In fact, upon further inspection, his entire uniform had been discarded, replaced with an orange prisoner’s uniform. This was not a favorable situation for the young Britannian.

A look to his right showed that Reid’s wrist had been handcuffed to the railing of the bed. Even if he’d been able to walk away on his own he was trapped. So who would go through all of the trouble of capturing him? The BRL surely would have thrown him into the dampest cell they could find, right? His mind drifted to Wendy but that was clearly impossible, he had seen to her capture. She couldn’t have been the one to set him up here.

”Okay Reid, calm down. You need to figure out your location and then get a message off to the BM. Who’ll notice I’m gone first? Lumen followed by the commander. Those have to be the first two contacts. Finding out my captor’s identity is paramount. It's more than likely the BRL but someone has a special purpose in mind. Torture? Likely given the nature of where I’m held. By why fix up the leg of a man you intend to torture? It doesn’t make any sense.”

As his mind whirred he knew he’d have to have more facts before he could do anything else. For now the plan was to stay alive, stay sane and heal. He had to hold onto all of the BM secrets, even at the cost of his life. He might actually die here today.
May 24 2016, 10:51 PM
Having finished with his first day off classes and not desiring to return to the base for more drills Reid had opted to explore his new hometown today. After wandering through a few neighborhoods and stopping into some exotic shops he came upon a rather large building complex. As people teamed in and out of it Reid's interest became piqued and he soon found himself standing within Japan's famous Omotesandō Mall. Intrigued, Reid readjusted his backpack strap and then entered a few of the shops. Before long hours had passed and Reid's stomach was positively rumbling from hunger. He thought to himself "I guess it has been a while since Wendy gave me food. I suppose its time to find something to eat."

Coming across a opening that surely must have been the food court Reid took in a deep whiff of the smells that lept to his nose. His moth began drooling and soon he couldn't help but rush into the middle and start observing the shops. Settling on a Britannian burger chain he paid his bill and walked away with a large bacon cheeseburger and an order of curly fries. Reaching a rather oddly empty table within the packed food court Reid sat down and hungrily stared at his meal, ready to tear into it at a ferocious place.

As he took the first, glorious bite Reid's eyes began to water at how delicious the burger was. The delectable blend of salty and greasy was a taste that Reid had dearly missed. The Military was fairly particular about the foods that it stocked in the mess hall, the burgers it served there were never quite this good. Reflecting on this day, Reid thought to himself "It was a pretty good first day! Met some interesting people, got situated in my classes and had some really awesome food. This day was absolutely perfect all things considered. Slipping on his headphones, Reid turned up his music and contently drifted off into his own world, completely unaware to anything outside of his enjoyable meal. The problems of Ashford and the Military could all sort themselves out until he was finished with dinner.
May 10 2016, 11:49 PM
Name: Reid Dimitri Legato

Alias: Legato, Prince Legato (to the Girls at Ashford Academy), Private Legato


Age: 18 (Birthdate: June 24th, 2010 a.t.b.)

Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Race: Britannian

Family Father- Nathan R. Legato (deceased)
Mother- Rebecca M. Green-Legato (deceased)


Reid has lived a rough life. His Father was double crossed in a business deal during the war leading to not only a loss of the majority of the Legato family wealth but also a great shaming of the entire clan. As such, in the Britannian society the Legato family was treated as second class citizens. In turn this caused Reid to be looked down on during his teenage years. With no Britannian friends Reid was forced to befriend many Japanese kids, in time understanding them and their culture. This double crossing ultimately resulted in the execution of his father at the hands of the Holy Britannian Empire. Shortly after the death of his father Reid's mother fell ill and soon joined her husband in the afterlife.

Reid's closest friend was a young man named Sena Naota. The two were near inseparable as Reid's mother fought against her illness, becoming rivals in many of their pursuits. In time Reid also build a special affection for Sena's younger sister who was about the same age as himself. Sena was unfortunately killed in the BRL's first major attack, devastating his sister. Reid lost contact with the girl as he entered the Kururugi Military Academy at the age of 16.

Now a young man, Reid looks to bring back great glory to his family name. He is keenly interested in following in his idol's, Suzaku Kururugi, footsteps. Reid looks to become a Knight of the Round so he can purge the old ways of thinking out of the military and rebuild it as a force for good that can work with the other nations.

Reid is extremely athletic and apt to rushing in without a plan. Reid was formally trained in boxing as a child, winning many junior golden glove titles. Music is a passion of Reid's and he is almost never seen without his MP3 headphones. He was sent to Japan to continue his education while waiting for the impending conflict he would be thrown into. Reid also investigates leads into the identities of BRL and Black Knight agents that may also happen to attend Ashford Academy; a known hotbed for both organizations.


Reid is very matter-of-factly in his speech, saying what's on his mind most times. He is very upstanding and honorable, almost to the point of frustration. He strives to do everything he can to help those being oppressed, lead by his belief in equality for all people.

Socially, Reid functions like any other teenager, a stark contrast from his background. He is the type of person who listens to the problems of others and rarely, if ever, speaks about his own.Due to enlistment in the military at a young age Reid is not the most confident in the relationship interactions that others of his age engage in. He has not mastered the art of flirting and becomes quite embarrassed at attention from the opposite sex. This often becomes his undoing once young girls discover this flaw. He has spent many days holding the belongings of some young woman that has coerced him into doing her bidding.

Occupation: Student, Soldier of the Britannian Military


Expert in Hand-to-Hand Combat
His experience with boxing through his youth combined with the training from the world famous Kururugi Military Academy have given Reid an impressive artillery of moves to deploy against enemy combatants, His signature style comes from the quick and graceful footwork of boxing, allowing Reid to dance between enemy attacks, read intentions and come up with counterattacks on the fly.

Agile and Athletic
Reid's ethos and fighting styles rely on the use of speed to overpower his opponents. As such he has trained to the peak with regards to foot speed and agility. Some estimate that had he chosen a path outside of the military Reid could have been an accomplished sprinter but due to other interests he is not properly trained for such events. As such, anyone who has trained for such endeavors would greatly outclass Reid, his abilities excel only against those who are not properly conditioned to match them.

Great endurance and Stamina
Reid is able to fight and exert energy for what seem like limitless amounts of time. During Kururugi recruit testing Reid took top marks in the mile run, holding of breath underwater and G Forces sustained before unconsciousness. This does not mean that Reid's energy is truly boundless. Once exerted for long enough Reid is prone to collapsing into unconsciousness for days on end.

Miscellaneous Facts
-Socially awkward due to his time as an outcast
-largely oblivious to the advances of women
-Nice demenor and chivilrous attitude often mistaken for flirting
-Low tolerance for alcohol
-Idolizes Suzaku Kururugi, collects memorabilia for the Knights of the Round
-Blood type A

Geass: None

Military Dossier

Affiliation: Britannian Military

Rank: Private

Special Rank: None

Knightmare Frame: Vincent Sky

OOC Account

Out of Character Account: Konti
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