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Eleanor Blackburn


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Aug 13 2015, 12:59 AM
It had been four days since Eleanor had been hit head on by a car, being sent flying into the air before landing in a heap, but Nora wouldn’t even have known that. Since the very second she had connected with the bumper, Nora had been out cold. If it wasn’t for her pulse and soft breathing, most would have easily judged her as dead. Now, however, she was finally starting to awaken since the accident.

As Nora slowly came to, the first thing she noticed was the sound of a soft steady beeping, her vision still extremely blurry as her hazy mind attempted to rationalize what was happening. Her vision had finally come back to her after a few minutes, but it took just a little longer before her mind began to function enough to put a few things together.

Above here were some plain, light blue panels with some annoying fluorescent lights letting out a soft hum that blended in with the beeping to her left. With a soft groan, the pain in her lower body became prevalent right away, squeezing her eyes set as she tried to turn her head to see the source of the sound.

As her head fell to the side she was instantly meet with the sight of a heart monitor along with an IV pricked into her arm hanging just next to the machine. If it wasn’t dawning on her yet, the fact that there was a clear glass door showing several nurses and doctors walking by made it much more apparent. She was in a hospital, but as to where or why, her mind was still far too foggy as she let out another groan, rolling her head back to its original position.

Slowly, Nora built up enough steam to push herself, slowly using her hands to crawl up. It had been enough of a pain that she couldn’t even keep her eyes open as she gritted through the pain. Once she had finally gotten all the way up and felt like she could brace herself, her eyes finally peaked up.

The peak open had been just enough for her to almost immediately stare at something else in her room. The right side of the room, for Nora, would normally comprise of two empty chairs, but instead there sat Jet, using both seats as she slept in her hospital room. Her hair was now a pitch black, dressed up in a thin grey sweatshirt and a pair of jeans that left little to imagine. Nora’s face lit up bright red as she attempted to lay herself back down, in an obvious amount of pain as she tried to pull the thin blanket over her head.

Everything had come flooding back into her head about what had happened to her that night, how Jet and her had been in a yelling contest, and how she stormed up and wondered directly into the street before being hit by a car. ’Oh god no, why is she here?!’ The heart monitor sounded out just how panicked Nora had been, the pace quickly picking. She was stuck there, unable to move from this unbelievably awkward situation.
Jun 13 2015, 03:51 PM
May 24 2015, 02:12 AM
Personal Information

Name: Eleanor Blackburn

Alias/Nickname: Nora

Gender: Female

Age: 17

Nationality: Britannian

Nigel Blackburn-Father
Emilia Blackburn-Mother

Occupation: Student/Spy


Spoiler (Show/Hide)

Personality: Eleanor comes from a fairly wealthy family, and, as such, she is normally quite prim and proper. Almost everything she does is formal in some kind of way, all the way from how she refers to someone, to drinking a cup of tea, and to even how she sits down. However, she does have moments to when she loses her cool. Quite frankly, she is prune most of the time. She becomes quite annoyed when people around her ignore a lot of basic etiquette. While annoyed, she tends to be a bit on the whiny/bitchy side. She'll either just throw a little hissy fit about it, or try to lecture the person that irked her. As a BLR member, she is in fact a bit on the racist side. Other races just seem to get under her skin even more with how they act, even if it's something that would normally not dig under her skin, such as how they perform basic etiquette, instead of being happy that someone is using some instead.

She does have a bit more of a tender side, but good luck finding your way to that part of her. For someone that can warm her cold heart up, she still tends to have a bit of tough love towards those she does care about. She still holds them to some standards, never letting them have any words of encouragement.

Eleanor holds herself to quite high standards, being treated as a prodigy since she was a young. She accepts nothing but perfection from herself. This often leads to her pushing herself well beyond her limits and straining herself in the process. At times, it’s hard to tell if she’s determined or just plain stubborn.


Eleanor was born into a very rich and prestigious family, on top of being their only child and heir to their fortune. Since she was a little girl, she was always being pushed by her parents. They expected her to live up to her name, and as such, by the time she was the age of five, she was already learning how to properly play the cello.
Her family, with their notable wealth, were large supporters of the Britannian army under the rule of Charles. Nora’s father had even been behind the design of several weapons used by the army. Needless to say, it’s quite obvious that the Blackburn family are Britannian sympathizers.
By the end of the war, the Blackburn family obviously didn’t like their position. Being on the losing side of the war, they wanted things to stay exactly how they were, with the Britannian’s being the superior race. Her father, now quite a bit older, became a BRL supporter, thus drawing her into the conflict as well. Their family had lost a fair amount of wealth, sinking most of it into the war, being able to provide a smaller (but still significant) amount of money, along with the service of their daughter. While she didn’t have any combat skills, she was sent under cover as a spy in Ashford Academy.
Musically Talented
Graceful/Light on her feet
Other Tidbits:
Eleanor is considered a prodigy on her cello and with her vocals.
Geass: N/A

Military Background

Affiliation: Britannian Restoration League

Rank: Recruit

Title: N/A

Knightmare Frame: N/A

Out of Character

Out of Character Account: TJs
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